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Thread: Midge Repellent, which one?

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    Midge Repellent, which one?

    Midge Repellent

    Well it's nearing that time of year again and I thought I had better stock up on some midge repellent. Read some posts on here suggesting "Avon Skin So Soft" so i went onto their website to buy some only to find there are about 50 versions. Some had anti ageing cream, rejuvenating additives, moisturiser, deodorant etc., I don't want to pamper the midges too much nor act as a mobile spa, so which one do you recommend?


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    I have not found anything that really works. Last year I was using Jungle Formula which seemed to help but made sure I had the gloves and face mask on as well. I was still bitten but persuaded myself it was not as bad as it may have bean!!


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    I use Repel from Boots which contains 50% Deet and it's very effective but doesn't smell that great.
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    Avon skin so soft is a product in it's own right, most petrol garages in the highlands sell the stuff I'm not sure if Bush wear sell it.


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    i use the avon its the one with the turquoise lid if unshure look at the last three ingredients is hydroxycitronell , coumarin, citronellol. the thing with all these products i have found is that it wont stop them buzzing around you only stops them biting so if you dont want them around you use a midge net. i dont like the impared vision from a net i just use a shemag wrapped around my face after i have put on my avon,atb wayne
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    +1 for skin so soft!

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    I use the Avon stuff and a good Deet based one (Jungle Formula is ok) both together, seems to work a bit better than either product on there own.

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    Hi All

    We sell the "Smidge" repellant for under 10 delivered - see more details at Monarch Country Products - Fine apparel for country life

    It might not be the cheapest product on the market but I tried it for the first time last year and it worked for me and that's the reason we added it to our product range this year - I also have sensative skin and all other products tend to bring me out in a rash but Smidge does not.

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    Does it protect you from the "scottish midge"??
    The 1 with more teeth than a tiger???

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    Well the one's on our ground in South Ayreshire have more teeth than crocodiles - one of our members attracts midges more than most - he chucked himself in a burn last year after a morning stalk, so also works for him, it won't work for everyone as all current options suit some and not others....


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