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Thread: Not enough guns

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    Not enough guns

    Hi, im searching about for a second hand 6.5x55 rifle at the moment and I was wondering if people could recomend some places I might look. Ive tried on here and on gun trader and gun mart. Any thoughts ?

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    Airgunbbs, Pigeonwatch, VarmintUK
    Different sites cater for different needs and you'll likely find better quality rifles on here but there is no harming in looking on the others.

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    Hi Olaf
    Pigeonwatch private guns for sale(page 3) Browning Abolt 6.5x55 350

  5. #5 have a few listed, you'll need to go through all the permutations of 6.5x55.

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    have a look for a lakelander in 6.5 x 55 very well made and accurate

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    Thanks for all of your help chaps, im stil looking ............................! Id love to get my hands on a Lakelander but I cant and probabily wont find one. Apparently, according to the Sportsman gun centre, they are no longer available in the uk Never mind, Im sure something lovely is comming soon. Its a bit like looking for the ultimate girlfriend, Lukily I found mine 2 years back

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