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Thread: 22-250 First Timer

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    22-250 First Timer

    Decided to take the plunge and start re-loading for my Sako75 s/s. Been using factory fodder for several years and she prefers Norma 50 grain v-max.
    Therefore the choice of heads has been made for me, I also have no shortage of Norma and Federal brass.
    What I would like please is recomendations for a good powder, what do you use and why?

    Also, which primers do you use and why? How critical is choice of primer?

    I realise these questions may have been asked several times over, but couldn't find answers on a quick search.

    I am a complete novice so please be gentle with me

    The finnished ammo is only to be used for Foxes

    Many thanks in advance


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    Buy a good reloading book and read it. I recommend Lee's "Modern Reloading Volume 2". It will answer all your questions and spare you from endless "quick searches" and questionable advice.~Muir

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    Try Varget. Dispenses well and is very consistent. Norma brass is as good as they come. I recomment CC LR primers as they are pretty robust. Start with about 34 grains reloading and work up in 0.5 grains to 36.5 which is pretty hot.

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    I've had top veocities and accuracy with N140 and H414 both with mag primers and 50gr heads.

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    H380 is a very good powder for the 22-250.

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    try h4895 with cci stanard primers norma brass and 50g balistic tip

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    39 grains of h380 cci large rifle primers in norma brass but i shoot a 55 grain nosler ballistic tip its awesum

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    I use Varget in my 22-250 for 50gr and 55gr and found a huge difference in groups between CCI primers and Remington 9 1/2's which I now stick to.
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    I use 41 grains of H380 with 50 grain V max or Nosler BT with Remington 9 1/2 primers. Quite a hot load but deadly accurate in my Tikka.


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