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    Plastic stocks

    We all have our ideas & opinions, with regard to the cr*ppy plastic injection moulded stocks, that "Some" rifles arrive wearing.............. So rather than just chuck it in the bin!, (the one that came on the Remmy Fireball), I thought OK, it's a wet Bank holiday Monday, what can I occupy myself with?.... So off to Halfords for a can of Isopon resin,& a cheapo chinese dremel type tool (If it lasts the one job I'll be OK with that!), back in the gunroom & on with the removal of the un- needed plastic squirted material,drill a few pass holes through the bulkheads & pour a good mix (but not too heavy on the hardener) all along the barrel channel, refit the barreled action & clear away any high spots, this placcy stock is now doing a fair impression of rigidity!!, drill off some keying points in the recoil lug & action / tang areas & it's now ready for the bedding compound,............ just going to leave everything to fully cure, whilst awaiting the supply of Plasticine when Mrs Finnbear gets home tomorrow!, will give it the treatment this week, & then see if it comes anywhere near expectations!
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    Seems like you did everything right! Great minds obviously think alike. Don't know if you've got any before pictures but in-betweens and afters would be good.



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    ah that is where its going is it!?

    be interested to see how you get on, post some pics

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    Just got home & lifted the action from the Acraglass bedding compound, just a firm grip & lift, away it came, the stuff has adhered properly to the placcy stock too!, the poured Isopon resin has made the stock fore end as stiff as marble!........ I used this rifle / stock combo as an exercise to prepare for some more expensive bedding jobs, & it's paid off with the extra bonus of turning a pretty p*ss poor excuse for a stock into a workable job.
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    Yes one can. A friend in the US stiffened his further by glassing/moulding in arrow shafts of carbon fibre or alloy then pouring the stuff over the top. made a huge difference. Of course one should not really need to but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cannot recall which rifle this was on now as he has built a few. Hmmm will have to try to remember to ask him.

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    Final clean up, & fitting back to the Fireball, all done this morning, & not before time too!, missed two with the .223 last night!! , must get it to the range & sort it out.. On an aside to the re fit job, I had never been able to get the scope front lens perfectly clean / smear free???... after I cleaned everything else up with meths, I gave the front lens a meths wipe with an action / chamber mop swab, loads of black muck came off the screw threading for the bell, must have been left behind
    when the thing was put together?....... this must have been contaminating the lens wipes slightly!......
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    Just been to one of my local farms to check zero the .223, along with the placcy stocked Fireball, .223 now back as it should be, & a transformed performance from the Fireball!, 30 grain Berger hollow point Varmints, touching each other at 200 yards, not bad off the roof of the truck in a stiff breeze.
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