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Thread: Remington 700 synthetic beaver tail stock short action

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    Remington 700 synthetic beaver tail stock with free giftshort action

    Here we have my remington short action beaver tail stock never used a few basic marks from storage but nothing of any note i dont have a clue how much this is worth

    Price drop 75 all in

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    Free colt hunter with this rifle stock c/w guts !!!!!!!! see below

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    Is this a plastic stock, or something a little more exotic?, Steve.
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    According to the Remington website : Centerfire Rifle - Model 700 SPS - Remington Centerfire Rifles its synthetic ?!!! feels to me like heavy duty plastic.

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    does it include the floorplate trigger guard spring and follower?

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    HI Richard Yes if the follower is the piece on top of the spring.
    PS all included as picks.

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    + free gift see original thread

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    Got a heavy barrel 22.250 rem 700 do you think this would fit

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    Hi Norma it came off a heavy barrel remington 700 22-250, i took it off from new and replaced it with a AICS for foxing. So yes defo it will fit.

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    Price Drop 75 all in

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