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Thread: Back From Zambia

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    Back From Zambia

    Hi Guys,

    Just to let you know that I`m now back in the UK after a very successful hunt with clients in Zambia. I`m sure those who are members will post some pictures and comments soon. I will have some video edited this week so will pop it on here for your entertainment!

    Sorry to those who have messaged me and not had a response yet, I will get back to you asap.
    All the very best,

    *Video and images added below*
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    look forward to seeing the footage and the writeups,atb wayne
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    Expecting to see some spectacular video footage, can't wait to see it,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprocket1 View Post
    Expecting to see some spectacular video footage, can't wait to see it,
    I`m not sure about `spectacular`, it was me behind the camera!!

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    Charly many thanks for an awesome experience

    You looked after us all flawlessly.. Strang was the ultimate host, if we werent out hunting we were firing the big calibres 458, 375 or having lessons in Bow Hunting and target practice with his handguns.

    Having a beer while fishing combined to make the whole package truly magnificent.. Pete who joined us from Canada and Jacob and Doog were all great company..

    Under my current circumstances id like you to do a bit of a write up mate on the following photo's as i dont think i can do you the justice you deserve. Thanks for an amazing time bud ill see you soon

    We saw many Eland, this was a good one to take as was suffering with a maggot infestation in both ears and had broomed off.

    The first shot was good, the follow up seen in the foto was taken as it paused

    Pete's Impala

    One of the nights culling

    Jay's Waterbuck

    Pete's Duiker

    My Zebra

    And Reedbuck

    Doogs Impala

    Petes Hartebeast

    Theres never been an uglier back row
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    Hi lads

    Can't really say a lot about the trip apart from the fact it was epic. As my first trip to Africa I couldn't have gone with better company. Charles was a great help with getting through custom with rifles would have been a right ball ache without help.

    Just an epic trip


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    I`m glad you enjoyed yourselves guys. I think we all had fun and some memorable experiences!!
    This trip was the first African hunt for all the boys and they really made the most of what was on offer. We shot at night for the majority of the cull Impala although we took 15 or so during daylight hours as well. In terms of trophies everyone had a good idea of what they wanted before hand and no-one was dissapointed with the animals available. The food and hospitality were fantastic with Strang`s family joining us for supper each evening. The weather was kind to us what with it being the end of the rainy season, I think we only got wet the once..
    I managed to take loads of footage of the culling and trophy hunts but I still need practice with the camera! I will be sending out full copies of the film to the team but below is a little taster for the rest of you.
    The final figures were 53 Impala culled and 13 varied trophies including Livingstone`s Eland, Burchell`s Zebra, Lichtenstein`s Hartebeest, Reedbuck, Defassa Waterbuck, Common Duiker and Impala.
    Terry`s Zebra was a really tough old beast covering a total of four miles after two reasonable shots with a 30-06, thanks to Rigby the dog it was eventually recovered. Pete also found out how tough African game can be, his Hartebeest took a shot to the neck that should have pole-axed it and a further two shots were needed during the follow up. The Eland pictured above was suffering a severe Brown Ear Tick infestation so Terry Elected to take it out and came away with a very impressive trophy.

    So all in all a great success. Good hunting, new experiences, great company and plenty of cold beer!

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    looks like fun was had by all hmm time to start saving my pennys me thinks for next years holidays

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    When's the next trip, are there any places left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by new forest View Post
    When's the next trip, are there any places left?
    Hi NF,

    The next trip is planned for October and then April/ May 2013. There are a few spaces left, PM sent. Also keep your eye on Sporting Rifle for a follow up article to the one that ran in the June edition.

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