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Thread: looking to go deer

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    looking to go deer

    Hi there
    can anybody help me i am trying to go out stalking in the south shropshire area I am willing to pay for the stalk, and i am after some help and someone to come out with me. so I can learn off them as i am new to this so can anybody help.

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    hi would love to help but im in norfolk ! your more than welcomke if you fancy a road trip ...... lol

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    Thanks for that leec6.5, but it is a bit to far away but thanks for the offer
    and you never know i might take you up on that trip one day and nice to offer me a change to.

    requards cross hair

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    Hi leec6.5
    Where abouts in norfolk are you, I live in norfolk to.
    I have been stalking for aroun 3 years, I also do some vermin control

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    I'm not in Shrops, but in Warwickshire.

    Unfortunately I'm about to go into hospital for an op that is going to take me out of stalking for a few weeks thereafter.

    But if you don't get any positive responses in next few weeks, , or if you have a shoot of your own, and just want someone to come along andaccompany you on it, send me a PM and I'll see what i can do.



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    Hi Try John at CRIGILLION estate about 15 mile south of SHREWSBURY
    a most able stalker. I did my DSC1 there , he may be able to help ,or point you in the right direction .I bumped into Norman at the Newark show an instructor at Crigillion for BDS , he may also be of help.
    Regards Trapper

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