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Thread: Lee Loaders in .243w and .270w

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    Lee Loaders in .243w and .270w

    I have just replaced my Lee Loaders with Zero Error Target models and am contemplating selling off the standard ones.

    They are used and in perfect condition in original boxes with all original parts and paperwork.
    Have served me well and only been used for about 100 or so rounds each

    Bought from the US they cost about 45 once you have shipped it here and been taxed at customs.

    Will be looking for about 30 each posted

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    thanks, all PM's replied to.

    The replacements have been a bit slow to turn up!
    The 270 replacement is here so I can post the 270 Loader now
    As soon as the 243 one turns up from the US I can post the other.


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    Hmmm yes I am wondering if customs has held up the .222 Target model. Getting on for two weeks now.

    Still on the look out for the target model in 303........................................ Oh hum good job there is no hurry.

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    my .270 target model is working fine, have finished 80 rounds with it.
    very impressed with neck reamer.

    just waiting for the 243 one.....

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    I have finally received the target model replacement sets for these so they are ready to go, I have PM'd those who showed interest but understand they may have found others whilst waiting for our woeful postal service to deliver mine!

    30 each posted.
    have some other bits and bobs (trimmers etc if interested)

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    Damn still no sign of mine as yet . Am beginning to wonder if Plod has stuck their ore in . Although interfering with the Royal mail is supposed to be an offence we know how little that would matter .

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    .243 loader SOLD thanks

    if people are wondering how good they are, this good:

    .270 130gr SP Hornady Interlock over 56gr N160
    BSA Magestic with 8x50S&B
    Target at 140yds
    Group Size <1MOA (its 1MOA at 140yds)

    .243 100gr SPBT Hornady Interlock
    Parker Hale 1200 (1:10 twist) with leupold 6.5-20x40
    Target at 95yds
    Group size <0.5 MOA

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    Not bad at all if I do say so myself .

    My .222 target Model finally showed up this morning about 10:15. Call me cynical but I find it odd that it did so after I spent well over an hour on the phone yesterday chasing up where it was .

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    .243 sold
    .270 still available

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