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Thread: Roosters night out

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    Roosters night out

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ID:	15282Had rooster out last night. Met up at larder at 6.00pm, gear loaded into the Jimny & off into the estate and parked up at bridge over the river. My plan was to walk down wind to the next bridge, cross over & come back along the top wood as the wind was out the east & I didn't want to disturb an area were we would end up for the last hour overlooking a catch crop field of beans.
    So it was up the bank along a ride (50mtrs) then into the wood. We stalked slowly through glassing in front every few yards or so. By the time we were half way through I kept feeling the cool air on the back of my neck, the wind was playing silly b####rs. We carried on until we came to the next ride. I said to Steve that the deer will have moved into the next wood & that we would stop here for a half hour or so to see if the deer would drift back, which they do. I put Steve up a single seat that looks to where the deer would cross on their way back to their wood & I sat down on the edge of the wood looking down the ride & over some thinned out larches about 15yrds from him. After about 25 minutes a buck walked out onto the ride below me & started to browse. I tried to attract Steves attention but ended up crawling on hands & knees for about 8yrds before he seaw me. After motioning him to get down & come to me I crawled back to watch the buck only to see it walk back into the trees as Steve got into position. A minute later it re-appeared but knew something was up. Steve rested on the tree & sent a 150g .308 on its way.
    I saw the strike, which looked good. The buck ran into the trees, to the left, at the end of the wood which is not very thick. So I was not worried. We gave it 5 mins then walked down the ride to the strike point. We found pinns & bright red blood leading into the trees every yard or so, then nothing. We started a search from left to right to the end of he wood that came to a point about 50yrds from were the deer entered, nothing. We had about one hour of light left so as I came to the end of the wood I sent a text home for my daughter to bring my dog (lab). Though not trained on deer, she has a good nose. After about 15 min Steve crossed into the larches & found the buck lying dead about 10 yrds from where the shot had hit him. He had run in a arc of 180 deg of about 50 yrds. Text my daughter to say we had found it & that Steve's heart & arse was back in place. Carried out the grallock & found that the bullet had entered the skin, turned back, crossed over the next rib then turned in & upwards clipping the top of the lungs & exiting on the other side high. Into the roe sack, back to the truck, then up to the larder. 46lb grallocked 40lb head & hocked & one relieved stalker.
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    Nice write up Keith, almost felt like i was there! You can see by the photo it was getting a bit late in the day, just glad it turned out well. Thanks again.

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    Well done Steve another nice buck
    "Seek the wisdom of ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child"

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    I wish I never read this write up, I've booked a day with scotty to do my first ever stalk and I was like a kid at xmas. Now I am looking forward to it even more. Everyday at work is going to drag by.

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    when you going
    "Seek the wisdom of ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child"

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    May 26th

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    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh weekend before me, ill have to pay scotty a back hander to keep a nice buck for me. or hide in the woods and scare them away lol.
    "Seek the wisdom of ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child"

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