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Thread: Deer stalking Essex - june 2nd , 3rd ?

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    Deer stalking Essex - june 2nd , 3rd ?

    Hi all
    A bit short notice but I'm going to be in Brentwood Essex in June and was wondering if anyone knows of anyone that could take me out for a muntjac buck or roe buck on a paid stalk? Will be there 2nd, 3rd and the 4th

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    Not much i'm aware of in the way of bookable stalking around brentwood, but there are possibilities a little further afield. Moses on this forum does mj stalking in essex (try a search for a thread titled- Muntjac stalking in Essex (Fallow and Roe also) )
    After october i'd not hesitate to recommend muntjacstalker in bedfordshire, he's a bit of a drive from here but got great ground with LOADS of muntjac. Been up to stalk with him twice and got my beast both times (and saw loads more).

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    Muntjac bucks cast this month so we tend not to shoot any at this time of year.

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    Or interested in roe bucks


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