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Thread: Choice of Moderator

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    Choice of Moderator

    Would like the opinions of folk who have the modern range of mods , I bought a T8 many years ago and it resides on a heavy barrel 22.250.
    With the ears whistling like a turbine all the time I am looking to have one mod for the heavy barrel 300wm and the 22.250 so a short out front or over the barrel, the mod would have to be a 30cal magnum rated firstly.
    I have no idea whats availible now days and I only want to buy once.
    Look forwards to you opinions chaps .


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    +1 for the Ase Utra Jet Z Compact.
    Still The best moderator on the market.

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    Yup. Had an Ase Utra and it outperformed anything else. It just imbalanced the gun too much, so I now use a P8

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    Get the new borelock brake & SL-7 sniper can from AU , its available in 30cal & 338 cal , the 30 is rated to 300WM .
    Ase Utra

    The can is SS

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    A-TEC light as a feather at 7 oz but not over the barrel. Cheers K

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    Thirdeye tactical made in Britain, support your own economy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krabryn View Post
    A-TEC light as a feather at 7 oz but not over the barrel. Cheers K

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    Thanks for your input , the Ase Utra seems to be the vote , a short out front would do ,the T8 has marked the 22 barrel with the rear bushing so not keen on this rub marking on the 300.
    The thirdeye tac will have to be investigated jobs for the boys gets my vote .


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    Quote Originally Posted by sakotrg View Post
    Thirdeye tactical made in Britain, support your own economy.
    I agree, but whilst the Third Eye is very well made, it isn't actually a very good moderator, therefore i recommended the Jet Z.

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