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Thread: venison prices

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    venison prices

    i was just wondering what you are getting per pound in the jacket for red deer.

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    But I'm only get 1 / lb for Roe

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    Red 70p per pound

    Roe 90p per pound

    not great money but in jackets,

    also negotaited with dealer for this price as i do not tell the stalkers who stalk with me where to shoot the beast

    This way i know what i am going to get and the dealer somtimes gets head/neck shot beasts that he makes more money on but if they are spine or back end shot i would still be half carcass price so everybody is happy.

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    1 roe
    90p Red
    80p Fallow, this was reduced last week when it was making 90p/lb

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    2.80 a kilo for Roe last couple of weeks - the dealer can't get enough at the minute

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    1/lb roe
    0.85 for Red, Sika & fallow - dips to 0.75 at times during the Feb

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    1.00 for Fallow and 1.70 for Roe up here in Yorkshire

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