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Thread: some advise on powder and bullets for 6.5 x 55

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    some advise on powder and bullets for 6.5 x 55

    6.5 x 55 users I am after some advise on powder and bullets, I should be receiving a new rifle chambered in 6.5 x 55 in the next few weeks, it will have a semi-heavy 21 barrel , and will be used for roe and the odd red, mainly open ground normal shot distance not out past 200y. my question is what powder and bullets should I start off with? I know each rifle has its own diet, but known and tested recipes will be a good starting place.

    Thanks for any help and advice Charlie.

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    Hi Charlie,

    My Swede thrives on 140gn Gamekings, in front of Viht N160, lit by CCI BR primer.

    From memory (I'm at work so can't check my loading book) I run at 49 grains which gives me a very healthy 2940fps.

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    Get some vitN160 powder for a start.
    I like the berger 130 grain vld hunting bullets and have also had good results with hornady 129 spire points and ssts.
    120 and 140 grain bullets shot well also but I usually use bullets around 130 grains.

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    I use vit160 with 120g pro hunter just the job

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    I use the same combination as Derek above, with CCI primers.

    I've tried brass from Privi, Federal, Lapua and Norma. Brand made no difference in my rifle.

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    thanks guys, i will do some more surfing and see what grain comes out best and work up a load with the n160 and see what happens. once the rifle arrives.


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