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Thread: scope for long range

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    scope for long range

    Looking for a scope for long range shooting guys any idears on wat to get fir about 750-1000

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    Second hand Nightforce might be on the cards.....
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    +1 for a second hand night force. Or if you can stretch your budget look for a second hand 12-50x56 Schmidt and bender pmII.

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    Yes there both very good scopes to choose from if the budget wouls stretxh without a doubt be the s&b but i was thinking either nightforce or sightron or even a leupold mk4 or high end vx3

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    im not a fan of the night force scopes they give me the feeling im looking down a furred up drain pipe.

    i used a zeiss conquest 6.5/20x50 rapid Z out to 650 yards with the 6mm BR with no issues.

    but this is just my opinion.

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    What do you call long range?
    Are you looking at dialing or do you need a multpoint reticle ?
    If you want to stretch beyond 600yds you need to start looking for scope with more than normal elevation adjustment and/or a 20minute rail.

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    Be sure to check out the weight of some of these scopes if it's to go on a rifle you also use for stalking.

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    I have shot out to 1300 yards with my 5.5-22 x 50 NF NXS with ease. Currently for sale though not advertised on the site yet. PM me if interested



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    Never even conciderd zeiss :-( now this is gettin confusing. dont really like swaro scopes to be honnest

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