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Thread: Anyone use a .338 Lapua?

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    Anyone use a .338 Lapua?

    Does anyone out there use a .338 lapua? If so, is it strictly for long range targets and restricted to club use? Just wondering as i'm thinking about one if i can get a club close enough to me that allow's the calibre, cheers

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    I was talking to someone who says he has one conditioned for deer from linc's police, dont know how true it is though.
    Biggest cal i could get conditioned for deer on an open ticket was an .300 ultra mag, and that was only after showing very good reason.
    I did initially put in for a .375 and they just laughed at that . DF

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    I owned one for a few years and have just sold it, used it at Warcop and a few other places with the FCSA UK.

    Unlikely you would get it passed for deer.

    Lovely to shoot (with a brake or mod), savage without.

    Engaged targetry with mine reliably out to 1600 mtrs

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    I have a 338 Win Mag authorised for deer, though due to illness i've yet to set it up properly and use it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by scrun63 View Post

    I have a 338 Win Mag authorised for deer, though due to illness i've yet to set it up properly and use it.


    Not even in the same playing field as the.338 lap mag .

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    A keeper mate of mine has used a .338 lapua on deer in Scotland somewhere. It was an estate rifle and they used it on reds apparently. He didnt like it much, proper headache material

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    Ok, Thanks for the response guys, Ian

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    they use them alot at diggle range at long range targget work but i do know a lad whos got 1 for deer stalking i do think that that mite be a tad on the over kill but i supose dead is dead and its better to do it humainly

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    Savage offers a very inexpensive 338 Lapua and a lot of the guys around here use them for long range plinking. We have areas where you can take a unimpeded 20 mile shot if you wanted to try it so it makes for some serious fun. The thing is, there isn't a single one of these guys who would use it for deer and darned few who would bother using it on elk. The ammo is very expensive (PPU has the cheapest at $50 US/20) and the rifles are pretty heavy and long. Dead is dead but, really, too much like work.~Muir

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    Hi Yes, I have a AI AWM same setup as the army use S&B scope etc, I use this with the FCSA and a couple of other ranges. Great to shoot, once managed a 60mm group at 800m and have also dropped fig 11 targets at 1800m ( just over a mile, not every shot but 7 times from 30)

    Great to use so as long as you have some place to use it, makes a nice addition to a collection but not so good if its going to be your only section 1

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