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Thread: .222 zero question ????

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    .222 zero question ????

    Hi everyone I have just zeroed my weirhauch hw60j in .222 to an inch high at 100 yards.
    I zeroed from a high point about 50m shooting down to a valley at 100 yards.
    A friend has advised me that when shooting approximately level the zero will be inacurate?
    is this true and how much difference will it make if any? my groups are about 2 inches so will the difference be noticeable
    cheers in advance Hawkeye185

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    the difference in zero will be negligible at the ranges you will be shooting at but i would be more concerned with 2" groups out of a 222,
    you should get sub 1" groups easily so i would guess that either you are flinching at the shot or there is another problem,
    a bad group from my tripple would be 1 1/2" at the most

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    Hawkeye what you have described is shooting at an angle of greater than 45 degrees (50m up shooting down 100 yards). I would suggest that you would be better initially zeroing on the level, perhaps you should pop along to the tunnel range and zero there. As jonty indicates 2" groups from a .222 aren't very good, that rifle if in good condition and with reasonable ammunition should easily produce 1/2" groups or better.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    hi bud id look a giving your gun a realy good clean out i have a tikka t3 thats had thousands of rounds down it with home loads 50g amax its bug hole with varget at 26g now this is not a full charge in the 222 with varget but i dont like compresing powder so il do for me as for doing the barrel i use wipe out best i have ever used to scrub the barrel out even purchased amo is less than half in look at the crown of the gun eney dinks etc may give problems tighten stock screws to 45lbs if its a tikka all the best rob

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    Varget is an rare choice for .222 ! What velocity do you get from a 26gr charge ?

    (just tried 26gr Varget in a case and it really doesn't leave any room for the bullet !)

    Cheers + ATVB

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