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Thread: Tikka t3 varmint

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    Tikka t3 varmint


    I was wondering what you guys thought off the tikka t3 varmint and if when a over barrel mod is fitted it will alter the barrel with bullet placement consistency?

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    Hi mate, I just got another varmint in .223 this time with a big wildcat mod (you remember the 308 unmoderated...boom!). It shoots a penny grouping at the 100 and at the 200 even with the wind giving the bullets a bit of hassle it was still 2 1/2 inch job.

    If anything the mod adding even that bit more extra weight just made the machine better. If you like that sort of thing!

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    I`ve been looking at one of theses recently as well. Pity I looked at the price in the US first ! ha! was looking nto bringing stuff home, and now can`t bring myself to pay the UK price. Lovely gun though.
    AS for the mod, I`ve tended to find I shoot better with the mod. Especially when not on the bipod.

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    tikka t3 varmint .223 with northstar mod.

    I shoot one of these in the above calibre with a northstar mod.
    the rifle is balanced well and can shoot sub 1/2 " group's 100-200 yds.
    I would have no problem in recommending this rifle to anyone.
    I'm thinking of getting another in .308.

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    the varmint in 308 is a perfectly balanced dream, if you have a need to spend more money that one costs then get either a rediculously priced optic or another one.

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    i went from a ssg69 to the varmint both in 308. I have no complaints yet. Its nice and compacted and perfectly balanced with a p8 on it.

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    Yeh paul, thats why a want one, a was really impressed with yours. i wasnt sure if slapping a bit mod on the end off it would alter it at all with the weight. Im going to get a price for an outfit in the next few days. it will be in .243. any advice on a scope around the 600 mark. cheers paul.

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    ive found that when your shooting a rifle and its zerod at 100 yards when you put your moderator on your point of aim is some what lower its because of the extra weight on the end of ur barrel, depends on the thickness of your barrel i supose with been a varmint profile i dont supose it will alter it that much.

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    Hi, I have a stainless left hooker in .223rem topped with a Starlight longbow n/v.Shoots well but an adjustable cheek piece would have been an advantage,not available in left hand model stocks though.I use an Ase Ultra 'S' series moderator, from Jackson Rifles. Heavey set up to lug about but when prone or safely supported you would not want for better,imo.

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