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Thread: mink hounds

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    mink hounds

    got my local mink pack coming sat having never seen them work i am looking forward to it ,anyone else any minky pack experience ?

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    Years ago I used to have a trip out with the pack just south of Stratofrd upon Avon, great fun, often wet and muddy and deserving of the beer at the pub at then end :-)

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    Years ago, when I was a lad, I used to help out at the kennels of our local Mink Hound pack (The Colne Valley).
    The actual hunting was very tiring, even to a young fit lad, but I enjoyed it far more than the foxhounds or beagles.

    Unfortunately the pack was officially disbanded many years ago.

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    i seem to remember in the late seventies/early eighties that the mink hounds were being used to hunt coypu along the river banks near where i lived now the coypu are gone and we have mink back but no hounds
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    its good fun as you can keep up and see everything , plenty of terrier work and sometimes you have to shake him out of the branches of a tree . Rivers are up a bit so they may not hunt and matie will be up little water ways off the main flow . Dont forget their only hunting rats now

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    good fun if you have the key raw ingredient on the river you are hunting, we have otters back now on all our small rivers where the were extinct in the late 70, and 80 they breed each year and are now in locations i would not have dreamed of
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    Take a change of clothes and a towel

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    they are starting at the far end of my shoot on a biggish brook that feeds a river much further on ,they will drop in on one of my flight ponds too and work the way up the valley passing through a couple of shoots as they go ,really looking forward to it now .

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    Take a change of clothes and a towel
    Found it a bit slow compared to foxhunting (foot pack) when I followed .But respect for the boys in the river !

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    I used to do some of the terrier work for the Valley Mink Hounds and for about 3 seasons hardly missed a meet. Great fun all the action happens in front of you so you see some exciting hound work. Made many good friends Mink hunting and also met my wife on the river bank. Deffinatly take towel and change of clothes, we used to swim with the hounds when the blood was up.

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