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Thread: OPtics Warehouse

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    OPtics Warehouse


    Has anyone had dealings with this company?

    What are they like to deal with? Any horror stories?

    I'm thinking of spending big bucks [well for me anyway] an need to know

    Cheers in advance


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    I used them last year. Great to deal with. I bought a set of swarovski bins from them on the 0% finance. I phoned up and put in the order and the bins were there the next day.

    Really good to deal with.


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    I used them 2 or 3 times last year & got good service every time. Bought 2 Harris bipods & got a really good price each time, even cheaper than E-Bay.


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    i just used them last month and they were great to deal with. no problems whatsoever. there was an error with my order they sent the wrong butler creek cap. phoned them up and they sent out another one next day!

    couldnt recommend them enough to be honest!!

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    I have used them for years for schmidt and bender and zeiss scopes. They are very good to deal with, if I order on the morning I often get next day delivery. They do me a good deal on mounts to go with the scopes.
    I bought a cheaper scope for an air rifle and had trouble with the parallax and they replaced it with no quibble.
    Strangely they have two websites the one with the green background has a lot more stuff on? If you click on "sitemap" you get a full list of their products.

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    i rang him with a problem on my bsa and he couldnt do enough for me and sorted me out top guy

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    Optics Warehouse


    Just spent some money with them myself, no problems at all.



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    They are top class.
    My first scope arrived but wasn't what I ordered plus it was broken!
    Bad introduction you might think, but no, I returned the defective scope and was allowed an upgrade at no extra cost to me, plus the warehouse picked up all the postage involved.
    I liked their service so much that i put their website straight into my favourites on outlook.
    They're good!

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    Found myself with an ordered pair of Khales binos and he was let down. I waited until my drop dead line and then he delivered the top of the range Bushnells he had in stock. Was willing to take them back and swap out once he had the Khales. Stayed with the better binos. (200 difference on his pricing).

    Would most certainly put business his way.


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