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Thread: Not stalking - high milage cars

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    Not stalking - high milage cars

    I wanted to seek your experiences / thoughts on buying high milage cars please! I am looking to buy car, preferably auto and an estate, I don't cover lots of miles, maybe 8000 a year at most, and it will be a 2nd vehicle. I am looking to spend 3-4k

    I grew up at time when British Leyland were at the cutting edge of car production and technology and assuming the workforce were not on strike, your new car would be lucky to get to the end of the road let alone reach 100k miles!!

    Looking through ebay / autotrader etc there plenty of good spec. vehicles within my budget all with well over 100k on the clock and some with over 200k! I have been looking in particular at Audii, Volvo and BMW.



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    I bought an audi a4 avant 1.9tdi 2 years ago on an 'R' plate 97/98....never let me down..used daily..cost £300 for its last MOT..front brakes and track rod originally cost me £600 with 12 months MOT and 6 months TAX...currently done 164k....In my opinion thats cheap motoring.

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    I can top that!!
    I bought an A6 Avant Quattro in 2.8l petrol Auto for £550.
    178k miles on an S plate!
    4m tax, 5m test
    Full Audi Service history followed by specialist services. all MOT's and Tax discs showing mileage increase.
    I replaced a suspension arm and patched up a hole in the exhaust (£150 costs) and it waltzed through its MOT just last month.
    tax disc was £200 ish, insurance is £280 for myself and my wife fully comp
    Drives like a dream, all the mod cons, 7 seats, leather, Bose stereo, bluetooth phone kit, 4wd, pulls hard and returned 29mpg on a 300miles round trip into Northumberland.

    stick with high end brands and well specced motors and you will get more value for money and reliability£-4k will get you a motor for life in this market.
    Dont be put off by large capacity petrol engined motors.
    The same car I bought in 2.5l diesel was going for £1500 more. £1500 saving buys a LOT of petrol!

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    I am now on my third BMW 5 series. The first I sold at 150k, the second at 165k, and the current one is at 110k, all of them originally bought with between 60k and 75k on the clock. I do approx 25k miles per year, and the BMW's have more than proved their worth, so I would stick with them or an Audi.

    My only experience of Mercedes (a new C class) put me off them for good and Volvos can be expensive when they go wrong, particularly diesel autos. Another to think of would be Skoda, particularly the Octavia or Superb.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    We run a VW Passat TDi as my Wife's car, 150k miles so far 50+ mpg and less than £100 a year in maintenance/repairs.

    I would avoid BMW, but anything from the VAG group should be good cheap motoring if you buy a good one.

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    You won't go wrong with a 1.9tdi passat or Audi had one of each estate cars and never had any real problems also can fit everything in the estate and still have room to spare.

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    Your other option is a Toyota Avensis estate... They will outlast you..

    Regards oli

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    Thomas, have a Volvo XC 90 just about to go in for its 144,000 mile service. A petrol engine and a bit juicy I bought it at 68,000. It had a Head gasket replacement at around 120,000 which was a bit expensive, but apart from that normal wear and tear. I use it every day and it goes offroad when carrying out my stalking activities. The Volvo Dealer Knows now to give it a good go with the power washer before it goes in for a service. Everything works, (air conditioning, electric windows, computor etc.) and is the preferred vehicle to go in, when a journey has to be undertaken. Mrs. techman does like it to have a bit of a cleanup if it is a wedding or funeral that we are attending though.

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    VW PD engines providing they have been sort of looked after (oil change once a year) then you should get 200,000+ miles from them.

    BMW and Audi's also very good but the PD passats just perform

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    i also had a 88 golf gti with 226k on the clock!

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