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Thread: Planet Earth Live

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    Planet Earth Live

    I was really looking forward to this and although some of the photography was good I'm really disappointed by the very low level of the commentary, anthropomorphic twaddle for the most part, will the baby bears "Honey" and "Jewel" (or something like that) survive the night, we haven't seen them today, they've probably frozen to death, then joy of joys, here they are all cuddly and fine. Oh yes, unbelievably lions eat baby animals - some viewers might find this upsetting!!!

    The BBC were rightly well known for making superb wildlife films under the care of people like David Attenborough but since "celebrities" have been involved with the process and the move to this level of presentation in Springwatch and Autmunwatch these are really very little different to the cr*p shown on some American channels like Nat Geo Wild where recently a chameleon was featured in a programme titled "African Killers".

    I don't expect the Beeb to change as they're going for the mass market and celebs get viewers but it's disappointing nonetheless.

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    I totally agree. I used to enjoy watching wildlife programs but these days they are applying human emotions to the animals, even giving them human names then making it more like a soap opera with a mini drama every 5 minutes. Definitely spoils what is excellent camera work. Bring back David Attenborough!


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    I watched it for 5 minutes and the commentary was treating all the listeners like morons so I turned over.
    When will the BBC arrive in the real world.

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    I couldn't agree with you more, Paul. They're appealing to the mass audience and it's very irritating watching and listening to output generated for lesser intellects.
    Will Gallant
    Wildform Taxidermy

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    It is appalling. Utterly dreadful.

    I have had some exposure to the recent crop of wildlife film makers, including the current team doing Planet Earth Live. They appear to be very heavily influenced by American trained production staff, who have all been schooled to take as articles of absolute faith (i) that the audience can only pay attention for 3-4 mins at most; (ii) that audiences cannot cope with ambiguity or uncertainty and (iii) anthropomorphism, mawkish sentimentality and celebrity driven emotion are justified (indeed absolutely necessary) in order to attract audiences in the first place. The thinking seems to be that wildlife footage is somehow highbrow and unpalatable, and therefore needs to be broken into manageable nuggets ans heavily sweetened. The sad thing is that the camera teams themselves usually hate it, and complain bitterly.

    The root problem seems to be that those calling the shots further up the food chain are life-long media types, who have generally risen up from other branches of the system - in particular reality shows and reality-entertainment shows. They only understand that paradigm, and don't really 'get' natural history. They appreciate that a demand exists for good nature programming, but don't quite know how to meet the demand - so fall back on what they know best: live, or pseudo-live reality style shows with clearly defined characters and obvious story arcs. They are often genuinely baffled when it doesn't work.

    The analogy to the stalking world would be expecting highly successful urban landscape gardeners to be any good at managing a Highland estate... You sort of have to feel sorry for them!

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    I like Hammond, but after watching for 10 mins I turned it off.

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    Yep, Hammond is fine with cars, he should return to his natural habitat forthwith
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Some great footage, but the commentary, utter rubbish.
    Was it aimed at pre-school children?

    Bring back David Attenborough, and yes i know he is nearly 100 years old, but quite frankly there isn't another wildlife presenter that comes close.
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    I must be getting to the 'grumpy old man' stage as I have now logged an official complaint with the BBC about the way Planet Earth Live is presented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mulac View Post
    I must be getting to the 'grumpy old man' stage as I have no logged an official complaint with the BBC about the way Planet Earth Live is presented.

    good man,if everyone did this they may just take note (ok,off to lie down in a dark room now)

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