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    Angry Delivery

    Been chasing up two orders paid for last month, in both cases I have been told they are on "back order" and may be in next month! I bought these items from different companies neither of which had the courtesy to notify me of their tardiness and what I believe to be dishonesty, both took immediate payment. I find this disingenuous at the very least.

    If I do not get satisfaction as I have notified their "customer service" departments then perhaps the power of the social networks will seriously harm their business and teach them to be more up front and honest.

    yes I am mad !!!!!

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    Does one company have a 3 part name by any chance?

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    Let's hope they don't go bankrupt meantime, I had ordered several items from a company. The key item was out of stock for 6 weeks while they had sent the rest I had added to the order to make up the postage next day. Guess thats the joy of everything coming from China

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    6 months for a backorder with bushwear for me, in the end I called and complained, they said they had refunded my money a few weeks ago, no one told me

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    this is unfortunately how things are going nobody wants to hold stocks anymore as it costs. all our suppliers now hold very little stock its order and dispatched from factory . shouldnt have to wait i agree its bad not to keep you informed,atb wayne
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    I have had similar with bushwear, ordered a game carrier for a present.
    Upon chasing them guess what its out of stock. When it finally turned up it was completely different to the one on their website.
    So annoying.

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    I have also been duped into parting with money for goods believed to be in stock, to be told that they were now on order.

    Since those experiences I now ask for reassurance that the item is there and that it will be getting dispatched within the next 24hrs or so...

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    Fully appreciate 'annoyance' as well as selling stuff, buy stuff as well - absolutely hate it if goods not sent out PDQ - or getting hit for 1billion Highland delivery charge on last button in order process.

    Most systems can be set to stop an order going through if out of stock. Occasionally its turned off or the alleged stock levels are just fairy tales. Anyone taking funds up front regardless of stock position should prominently display their policy on out of stock or back orders. Fully understand stock position - it can be very difficult. But again, no reason website shouldn't make it clear what comes direct from stock and what comes by order. There is no real excuse.

    At risk of seeming to bang a drum, there are some good & honest traders out there and they care about customers. Its very hard for them to compete against empty promises & flim flam - which cost nowt. So please just keep that in mind when looking at the face value prices of stuff.

    Also keep in mind that Merchant Service providers have fairly stiff customer obligations and there are a number of ways to rapidly escalate disputes. If your concern is valid, there's a lot of people paid to chase things up for you.
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