First write up on here so bear with me!
Due to the bank holiday weekend, it gave me a chance to getout stalking for an evening and the following morning. Got to my ground around6ish but had a northerly wind which changed my start point somewhat! Stalked tothe bottom of the valley and after the amount of rain weíve had it had washedthose little twig that lie around making my approach very quiet for change! Allalong the valley edge the deer usually lie up during the day but as the vegetationhadnít taken hold you can stalk down the valley looking for the deer on thebanks. Once at the valley bottom Iíve found a nice spot to lie up with the windin my face waiting for the roe to pass from one side to the other. After about20mins a does jumps the fence in front about 25m away, giving me a fright as Iwas almost asleep! It doesnít even spot me on the ground and trots away up thevalley side to pasture at the top. Another 20mins and I see movement comingthrough the fence but around 300m down. I didnít get a chance to see if itís abuck or doe. Thinking it could be a buck I decide to stalk up the valley sideto see if itís made it to the pasture. Once there I see the does browsing thehedge but no other deer. Through I should wait it out....No sign so head alongthe valley top to where it should have come out and around the corner we walkstraight into one another, off he goes like a bat out of hell. Well with thisand wind being wrong I decide to head to some fields a little distance away inthe truck.

These fields are growing clover which the roe seem to be enjoyingand the farmer would prefer they werenít. Pulled into the gate way, got outslowly after scanning the field and seeing nothing. I had only walked 10 yardwhen a deer jumped up out of the grass and legged it away...thinking that theremight not be much else I stalked on along the hedge line till a corner, lookingaround and seeing nothing. Now I could see all the fields and there appeared tobe no deer. One more look to my left and two head popped up out the grasslooking at me...two very nice bucks, one of which Iím sure would make a medal.Up they jump and run. The bigger of the two stops after 20m and looks back, Ihave the rifle up and on sticks but as Iím thinking I would rather the smallerone heís off. Also heart was beating so hard I couldnít keep the cross hairs onhim! Iím quite pleases that I didnít rush the shot and saved him for anotherday.
The next morning I follow the same route as before andseeing 6 does and no bucks start to think my luck is out. Then out comes thisbuck from the valley bottom but Iím not quite in the right spot I stalk aroundsome brash, had the rifle on bipod and looking to line him up when for noreason he turns and walks back over the valley edge never to be seen again...Well it time to head back to the clover fields again. Following the same routeas last time I bump a deer but didnít get a chance to catch what it was, but asI get to my corner again, I look round and there is a doe and buck lying downand itís the smaller of two from yesterday. Resting my rifle on a fence postthe buck presents a nice neck shot at 30yards but I would prefer him standing,well luck was on my side....whilst leaning on the fence post the post pushesagainst my mag in the rifle, Ďclickí it drops to the floor! Up jump the deerand start to run. This gives me a chance to pick it up and in again by whichtime the buck stops for another look at around 80 yards. I make no mistake as hepresents broad side. He runs 20 more yards and disappears into the long grass.Nice big animal which will make great eating. In all over the weekend on mystalking permission I saw 9 Bucks and 8 Does which is looking good and I didnítmanage to get around half of it.
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