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Thread: Michaels weekend Roebuck hunt

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    Michaels weekend Roebuck hunt

    Hi All
    Iíve done a write up to share my weekends hunt with you.
    Last weekend I had my friend Michael from Germany over for a hunt, the weather wasnít great but the hunting was, we had some great stalking with fantastic results more than I had wished for.
    I collected Michael from the airport Thursday morning and in the evening we were out for our first stalk.
    I arrived at my ground in the Cotswolds plenty early to head to the high seat I had intended to sit up so we had a look in another area and immediately spotted a buck lay down above a little wood.
    The approach was easy enough except in involved crawling through the soaking grass and waiting for the buck to stand up which he did and Michael dropped him with no dramaís. He was a cracking buck nice and tall with good weight the pearling on his antlers full of the trees he had been thrashing.

    We cleaned the buck and headed for my original destination we got to the seat to see deer already in the field and climbed up without disturbing them. Unfortunately the buck which I had expected to see was lay the other side of seven does so impossible to approach as we were already happy with the evenings results we stayed in the seat to see what would happen and fortune shone on us again.
    Some does went back into the wood and the others got up and fed past the buck to the far end of the field and he continued to doze in the long grass. Michael and got down to stalk but he as lay in a place that if we approached up the woodland edge we would not be able to get a safe shot. As the light was fading I said our only chance was a direct approach in full view which we got away with until we were about 60 yards away from the buck when he lifted his head, we froze and Michael slowly got on the sticks and the buck stood giving us a perfect broadside which Michael soon took advantage of. Again a quite heavy antlered buck with great pearling.

    Friday morning we were out again stalking into a group including a couple of good bucks but failing to get a safe shot, we spotted a buck with a very tall head but he was sheltering from the rain under a hedge we stalked all around the field and bumped two more bucks one really big one which I hope to see again, we continued after our original target and eventually ended up within about ten yards of him but couldnít get a safe shot before we scared him off by getting too close.
    We headed for another area and found a young buck feeding with two does, he was a nice young 6 pointer and anywhere else I would have left him but in this field it wasnít an option (thats another story) Again Michael took a good shot off the sticks at about 100mtrs.

    In the evening we swapped to another area in the Cotswolds we stalked an area where Michael shot a buck last year and were amazed to see a buck lying about ten yards from where he got his buck last year, again a bit of a crawl and a simple 40 yard shot when the buck stood up, he was a nice 6 pointer with a malformed front brow tine which was facing downhill.

    Saturday morning we were out again back to an area where we had seen a couple of bucks previously, we spotted a buck and after a very slow approach in full view we finally got a shot off the sticks another nice heavy buck, after the shot another four deer jumped up from behind the wall including another two bucks so a few left.

    One we left

    A bit later in the morning we spotted a buck feeding on field he was eating just the heads of the buttercups, we had another direct approach the only one we had available to get a safe angle, we took our time only moving when he was feeding the other way, eventually we got to about 90 yards and Michael took a shot off the sticks from a sitting position, another cracking buck not that tall but real heavy.

    Buttercup buck

    We had another couple of stalks over the weekend seeing only young bucks and lots of does, we didnít head back to the area where we knew there were several big bucks as we had already removed three from there but I might have to have a look in the rut.

    The end result

    Another great weekend with a good mate looking forward to my return to Germany to try for my first Mouflon.


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    well done mate, some real classics there and max looks well as usual.
    some medals for sure?
    and the bust up ones great.

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    Hi Mate
    Yes be interesting to see the weights and how they score we compared them that silver I have on the wall from the same area and three look as big and the forth not far off.


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    wayne some really cracking bucks there mate hell of a result seeing the weather weve been having
    micheal must have gone home a very happy man
    regards pete .

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    Jesus Ninja youve put on a cracking time there pal

    Im up your way soon so will give you a bell


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    some lovely bucks there ,good luck with the mouflon,wayne
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    Sounds like you both had a fantastic time!


    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Some fantastic heads there, thanks for sharing!!!

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    Wayne i do enjoy your write ups , A cracking weekend .


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    Cracking beasts there mate.

    That's some productive ground, bring some back up next time your down.

    Will let you know how I get on with loads.


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