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Thread: Our Michael

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    Our Michael

    Apologies to the close friends on SD i havent managed to fone personally. The above photo is of my brothers son Michael who was tragically taken from us Friday 4th aged just 17.

    He was cycling to the Yacht Club he loved when he was in collision with a car and pronounced dead at the scene.

    Michael was in his second year as an Apprentice Electrician working with myself and one of his other uncles in the family company.

    He was a lovely young man, who leaves a distraught 12yr old brother and 16yr old sister along with the rest of our family. Absolutely tragic.

    The photos below are of his many friends at the yacht club who had a sail in his memory and one of the other many yachts our Mikey crewed on

    At such a tragic time it was hugely comforting to see how many good friends our Mikey had, and the white sails leaving for the harbour although heartbreaking with their spare seat was also so heartwarming

    Look after you and yours people, life can be very cruel

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    Terry, sincere condolences to your brother and all your family and friends. Words fail me, far too young to be taken. RIP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonraker68 View Post
    Terry, sincere condolences to your brother and all your family and friends. Words fail me, far too young but taken. RIP.
    as above regards John

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    sorry for your loss . losing someone is never easy but someone so young must be terrible, wayne
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    Sincere condolences. This brings to mind the words of the priest at my nieces funeral when she died aged 21 of cystic fibrosis. He likened her passing to her sailing away on a boat, forever just over the horizon.
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    Condolences to your family terry in this hard time
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    terry very sad to hear of such tragic news regards pete .

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    Sorry to hear of your loss , life just doesn't seem fair sometimes.... My thoughts are with you and your family

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    So sorry to hear this Terry, that's truly awful. My deepest sympathies to you, your family and all Michael's friends.

    all the best,


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    My very sincere condolences Terry to you, your brother and the rest of the family. It’s bad enough to loose a loved one at any time but a young person just starting out in life is particularly cruel.

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