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Thread: Did he do something to upset it?

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    Did he do something to upset it?

    Or was it just having a bad day:

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    Revenge of the deer

    Thats funny, looks like it hurt though!

    Nice to see them having a go back, spices things up a bit! - does that qualify them as dangerous game and mean I can get a .375?


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    Like the way the boy filming doesn't put the camera down to go and help him

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    I had seen it before a few years ago, I think the guy had sprayed Buck or doe Scent on himself or somthing stupid like that during early rut.

    I guess he was lucky that at least it never shagged him!

    Regs Lee

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    I love the ay he says, "we're not doing that any more!".

    No s**t Sherlock!!!!!

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    which sort of makes you wonder whether it had happened before???!!!!

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