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Thread: Buying a car off ebay (not stalking related)

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    Buying a car off ebay (not stalking related)

    Any thoughts on this one?

    I have been searching for a particular model of Audi for the last couple of years, one has finally apeared on a popular auction site. Bonus is that it's only 11 miles from my house.
    Now the problem.
    I rang the number on the add and it is just a dead tone. I emailed the seller asking them to contact me, it took 4 days for them to reply and then the reply just said that it was still for sale and it was in vgc.
    I emailed her again saying that I wanted her to ring me so I could arrange a test drive and she didn't reply
    I emailed her again stating that if she didnt ring me by Monday afternoon I wasn't interested. She replied monday.
    The reply was brilliant. She explained that the car was her husbands and she had got it along with the house in the divorce and had bought a farm in the north of England at a sea side town with her settlement and even attatched some more photos of the car and a statement saying she would only sell through the site as she wanted Payment protection (even though I told her i have cash!) Unfortunately she still hasn't told me how I can see the car and now I think it's not even local.
    Has anyone ever come across anything like this before? I think she may be foreign due to her grammar! is someone trying to wind me up?
    I couldn't believe she sent me more bl**dy pictures, it's just rubbing it in.


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    i live in the north of england in a sea side town and i havent seen it.
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    if you smell a rat don't be a fool.your suffering from shineynewtoyitus.its common leave well alone if it dont feel right or prepare to get burned.i have an a3 and if something goes wrong with an audi it hurts. atb mike

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    Be very very careful, it sounds very much like a scam, the same story has been going around something similar was on Auto trader a while back pure con part with your money no car and the seller disappears.

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    I recently bought a car through eBay and was thinking much the same but it turns out that eBay operate a sort of escrow account. You pay eBay, when it's received they notify the seller who then delivers the car or lets you collect it, you then have 5 days to reject it before eBay release the money to the seller. It seems safer than buying a car through the classifieds unless I have missed something. So if this is what is being suggested it is probably OK.

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    Sounds like one of those adverts you Report to eBay!!! SCAM! I had similar experience only he wanted me to pay a deposit by moneygram... It was in Scotland on business, great I live there where I'll drive.... Er sorry it's bottom of England now..... If it sounds too good to be true it usually is...

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    She definitely sounds dodgy. I'd make sure about that protection she mentioned!
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    You would know it if you saw it.
    it's a 1998 Tornado Red Quattro Turbo RR a car I said that I would own one day I grew up watching the Quattro's perform in the RAC rally. The only way I would buy it is face to face. I have seen others out there but this one looked very tidy for the money.


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    Hi Ezzy. Buying a car through ebay can be a good money saving experience. She won't get payment protection, you grt protection as the buyer and of course you can pay cash.
    Although her excuse for selling the car is plausable you must protect yourself and get the car HPI'd before you hand over any money. Try and take someone who is a little knowledgeable about cars and although you may win the auction don't feel pressured into buying the car if it is significantly different from the description.
    Saying that I bought a Lexus is200 for my wife, got it HPI'd and she's covered nearly 100k and it's been an absolutely bullet proof car. Ebay does work but keep your eyes open.

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    cant find it on there... whats the item number?
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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