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    good customer care

    i have always been a leupold man and their customer care has always been amazing.recently i fancied a change and after a bit of looking around i bought a second hand swarovski z6i.i have a problem when i stare at targets the cross hairs blurr and disappear.the z6i cured this with its iluminated dot.the scope sadly had no box or turret key so i contacted swarovski to see if i could purchase them.they arrived today free of charge they didn't even ask for postage how good is that? i'm over the moon with the scope and the customer service i recieved from swarovski.

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    There is no doubt that Swarovski really lead the field when it comes to customer satisfaction. What they have done for you has probably cost them about a quid but you have gone and told the whole world on the interweb, thats what I call good value advertising. Add this to the fact that the products themselves are the best that money can buy and you have a winning formula. JC

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