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Thread: Lucky Escape

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    Lucky Escape

    6.15 am M74 this morning traveling south near Beatock doing 70+mph,roe doe came from verge from north bound side.Disco 3 lost nearside front corner,younger brother in passenger seat new pants please!

    Another couple of MPH more and I think it would have been full detailed insurance claim.

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    metal and bits is easy sorted, glad nobody was hurt

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    Another couple of mph and it dont bear thinking about. never mind the insurance claim..

    My mate im in digs with tonight was doing 50mph when a horse bolted out of a field and actually ran towards him as he was putting his foot through the floorpan on the brake.. The horse actually hit the van with the rider screaming and then continued to bolt down the road with the rider still screaming..

    It could have so easily been on a carry-on film but the reality dont bear thinking about..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    ive seen them been hit by many waggons up in scotland and they make a right mess of them your very lucky mate

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    Thanks for the that.I have spoken to a number of drivers who have had not been as lucky as myself!

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