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Thread: Rebarreling Sako 75

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    Rebarreling Sako 75

    Has anyone had any dealings with these guys?

    They seem really decent on the phone and very helpful. I am thinking about betting a Sako rebarreled by them... any info would be good.

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    Had a look at their web site and prices look good. Dont know what the standard of workmanship or Customer service is though.


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    I met these guys at Diggle about 5 years ago and they are really decent fellas.

    I know Vince Bottomley reviewed a rifle they built in Target Sports mag and it was a quarter inch rifle etc .

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    Thanks Jon,

    I think that I will go with them, though I may change my calibre from 243 to 6x47 lapua...

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    After this thread prompted me to look at their website I then went one step further and called in to visit Chris when I was in the area a few days ago.

    Basically I wouldn't hesitiate to go with these guys. Chris showed me a couple of rifles he had just completed and also work he had done including various F Class rigs. A couple winning consistently in that particular class. Very knowledgeable and a current stock of barrels already available.

    In my opinion you have made a sound decision.



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    I really appreicate your help with researching this one... rebarrellnig a rifle is no cheap task and I really want to get it right.

    I will stick up some posts once the rifle is sorted and back on the range.

    Thanks again for all you help


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    Nice one Chops

    That sounds great - looking forward to hearing about the report/pics



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    My Sako has arrived back from Rhino Rifles - I dropped it into the stock this evening after having a removed a little wood from the barrel channel to ensure it was free floating.

    Now just have to make a stoney point gauge cartidge, measure up and build a few test loads...

    If I work out how to upload pics I would post them ... sorry

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    Thanks for the update.

    That is super quick. It doesn't seem long ago at all when you had decieded to go with them (weeks not months??).

    Chris' work as I have seen myself is absolutely top draw and attention to detail is 100%

    Did you go for the Lapua in the end?

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    Yes - I went for the 6*47 Lapua. Mad looking round - it is quite a bit smaller a 243 but seems to enjoy the higher pressures. I am trying to find my 7.37mm drill so I can make a stoney point cartridge for the OAL gauge They are buggers to get hold of over here!!!

    The job looks a good'un, I just cannot wait to put it on the range and start working up some loads. Graham & Chris took 5wks to turn it around - nice. Plus they are both decent guys so I don't begrudge handing over the cash...



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