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Thread: Best backpack

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    Best backpack

    Whats the best backpack for stalking ?

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    I have a harkila roe sack if going for a long wander, and a swede team bum bag if staying close by. (high seat near car).
    I think i member on here poppins makes one that gets great reviews.
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    I must add i find it awkward to carry my rifle and roe sack at the same time. Rifle keeps sliping of shoulder
    "Seek the wisdom of ages, but look at the world through the eyes of a child"

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    Just another bit of equipment that gets in the way mine lives in the boot of the car never carry it

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    I also find that a 'roe-sack' encourages the sling to slip of the shoulder.
    Although likely beneficial if carrying a beast out the 'hassle' in my opinion of frequently adjusting the sling is unnecessary movement.
    Reverted back to my 'bum-bag' and some draw-cord......


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    Bumbag for short stalks but a good rucksack(plus water bladder) for bigs days on the hill. I use a Camelbak mule but there are tons of good hydration bags to choose from that will meet your needs. I have a Badlands superday sack which is really good but too big for anything other than full winter days when I need spare gear. Wish I'd got the smaller version

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    Thanks everyone , very helpfull ! I've today bought a karrimor 15 litre tactical bag with lots of straps to attach bits and bobs . So I'll try that before I invest in a deerer bag .

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    Have a look at something like the Maxpedition Remora

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