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Thread: Game dealer prices

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    Game dealer prices

    This is probably a totally newbie question, the upside is its being asked by a newbie so I don't feel so bad about asking it.

    So my question is; looking in the stalking available section some of the adís state venison is available at game dealer prices, can someone please advise me what the prices roughly are? Iím guessing that they are a per kg price for the dear sans internals is this correct?

    Many thanks


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    Yes price per KG less internals head and feet off, but still in skin, price varies from species and also time of year
    supply and demand, early season prices are usually good but once the dealer starts to get a glut of carcases through the door the price drops a bit.

    For example the game dealer I am using is paying £3.00 per KG for Roe at the moment as the season goes on and they start to get a lot coming in, I would expect it to drop to around £2.60 per KG

    Expect to pay the current dealer price, most estates and people selling stalking will
    let you have it at that price, you should not be charged more than dealer price.

    Hope that helps.
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    Well down in the southwest we get £2.40 kg across the board all year round.
    But the game dearlers are making the profit.I have seen it today on a westcontry
    website for £44 a kg for the loins.No wander my game dealer is so keen to collect it.
    This year i have let my syndicate have there own shot deer for £1 a lb.
    Good luck find a local stalker buy direct.

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    straight to local game dealer £1 a lb in the skin no matter what type of deer

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    as above in Edinburgh.
    £1 a pound

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    depends alot on shot placement as well...I worked as a butcher in a game butchers...price was always paid on how well the deer was shot, no way you would get £1/lb if shot through both shoulders or damage to strip loin...

    shoot straight for top dollar .............

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    £2.50 a KG roe, £2.00 red. I've just put a fallow in on the last day off the season. Will let u know what I get for that.

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    I am paying £2.64 kg(£1.20 lb)for Roe...... and £1.10 kg(.50p lb)for Muntjac.There are very few other species near me.

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    £1.10 lb for roe just now. Chest shot, skin on, head and feet off, liver left in.

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