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Thread: Reloading data for europian calibres

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    Reloading data for europian calibres

    Gents can anyone advise where I can find any data online for reloading a 7x64mm Europian with 130grn Speer Splitzers & reloader 19?

    The last batch of ammo reloaded was 150grn Honerdy & I wanted to go down to lighter bullets with the rifle now & the only factory ammo I can find is 150gr Sako which is also very expensive.

    I am just having a struggle to find anything in terms of data for it, any of the reloading manules that I have looked at just seem to cater for 7mm 08 or 7mm rem mag.

    Regs Lee

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    Also the speer data for the .280 rem is virtually identical (they are ballistic twins). The only thing you will have to be careful of is the thickness (and hence internal capacity) of the 7x64 brass as RWS tends to be built like Arnie. Start low, work up, you'll be fine.


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