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Thread: Another variation question ( sorry)

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    Another variation question ( sorry)

    Right guys, going to put in for a variation for a .270 for all deer species and wild boar and wild goat. Do i just specify the species i intend to shoot ?
    Another question is land, my .222 is currently for the estate where i work but is on an open ticket. Will i just put down for my work again and hope it gets put on a open ticket, as the rest of the species apart from Roe will be with a guide. Cheers

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    just put down for any lawfull quarry with the reason you want a 270 on your estate with further planned bookings for the boar/goat ,atb wayne
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    Cheers mate. Am sure they will prob change the wording to suit themselves anyways.

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    doubt they will do AOLQ in Fife, pretty sure L&B told me they don't do it either.
    The Open part applies to you, not the rifle.
    Never seen an open ticket for one rifle and not another on the same FAC

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    Manchester dont do AOLQ, at least not on new applications for a larger calibre. I asked and the reply was maybe after gaining experience with that calibre. (fair). you may have to produce evidence of booked stalks or permission to shoot on land that has boar/goat, to get these on your FAC.
    On my FAC I have Open for my rimfires, but land restricted on my centrefire, also Fox but only while stalking. ie. open for some rifles but not others.

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    I got my centrefire and rimfire on an open ticket first time round when i got my fac a 2year ago, ( must be my good looks ). Will put it in and see what they say. Cheers

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