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Thread: Chiller unit for larder

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    Chiller unit for larder

    A friend is building a larder for our deer carcasses and we're looking for a chiller unit which is capable of keeping the larder cool. It would need to be single phase (240V) and the larder won't be massive - probably 1.5m square or so (he's the builder so not sure what exact dimensions he has in mind).

    Anyone any tips for a good value unit?

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    join the club mate been looking for one for a couple of years ...... cool game uk do a good 1 if you want to spend about a grand ...... i think thats the im going to go

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    You are a bit late for this one but keep an eye on ebay put walk in fridge in the search

    Thanks Si

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    E BAY is always a good starting point, but most are to collect so its down to locality.Got lucky last year conplete 2m sq chiller for 150, had to go and take it down but still quids in......


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    guys can recomend the ones from cool game
    bought one last year nice piece of kit easy to
    use and clean

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    These were listed just a few minutes ago, it mentions in the listing that he may sell seperately.


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