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    Wild Boar Rig

    some advise please,

    I would like a non bolt action rig for boar, so I am thinking under leaver with holographic sights. Would some of the gallery rifle/pistol calibers be ok for boar? Is there a minimum caliber requirement?
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    An underlever in .45-70 or even .444 would be fine for driven boar in fact a couple of guys on this site use them, but forget about one in any of the pistol calibres as used in gallery rifle just not enough rifle for anything other than despatching at point blank range. If you look back through various previous postings on the site especially with regard to .44mag you will find that most people with experience of these rifles feel pretty much the same, and as for .357mag.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    The 44 magnum is very popular here for pigs, but experience supports 8x57 statement. It is adequate, but only at quite short range and there are better options. The 357 magnum isn't even in the ballpark. In a lever, i'd be looking at the BLR in 358 Win.

    The very best rifle i have ever used for this type of shooting is my little Browning Dualis .308 pump. The advantage of a pump action over a lever is that you don't have to move your trigger hand. My rifle is essentially self-loading offhand under recoil, and in all honesty i'd take my little pump anyday in the timber over any semi-auto i ever used, as it has the reloading flexibility of a bolt. The only thing i might prefer is a little SxS double. I don't know if pumps are legal in the UK, but if they are it would be worthwhile trying to locate a BPR/Dualis, especially in .308. The Remington 7600 is OK, but not in the same class as the Browning and particularly the short action Browning.

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    And i'd get an Aimpoint CompM3.

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    Unfortunately brenneke centre fire pump action and semi auto rifles are not legal in the U.K. I like your suggestion of the side by side I have one in 9.3x74r myself but I think that Simjim was really looking at buying one rifle that he could use for gallery rifle and also boar. This isn't really practical and I think that if he is set of getting a boar rig and a lever action at that it will have to be one of the larger calibre Marlin's or as you suggest a Browning lever rifle in a proper rifle calibre.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I dont think my idea is going to work in hindsight.

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    I use a 30-30 Winchester '94 with just the open sights. Drops pigs as good as any of the larger calibres and has no recoil to speak of.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hibrion View Post
    I use a 30-30 Winchester '94 with just the open sights. Drops pigs as good as any of the larger calibres and has no recoil to speak of.
    I just looked at the 30-30, it looks good on paper. Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into it further.

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    I think they make the Browning BLR in .358 Winchester. I have used the BLR in .30-06 and thought it was brilliant. I have no more experience of the .358 win than anyone else reading internet articles, but everything I read about it makes sense for boar. You could go right up to 250 gn bullets if you felt the need and it would shoot flatter than a .45-70.

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    A double rifle in 9.3x74R or 8x57 JRS or a Browning Bar in 30-06 or 300 Win Mag would have been my answers. After seeing Franz Albrecht at work on youtube my answer is Sauer 202 in 270 win, large capacity magazine, aimpoint scope and 130 grain H Mantle ammo. What I mean is if you saw that, you know that anything accepatable will be O.K. A Browning BLR in 30-06 or 358 will be O.K and probably a dozen others. A heavier stronger bullet/calibre will help if you are less skilled than Franz and I think most of us, myself included, will be less skilled.

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