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Thread: Smashing few days back up north with amberdog.

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    Smashing few days back up north with amberdog.

    well just got back from another trip up to east lothan with amberdog, even managed to bag a few. so we set off sunday mid day for a look on some of amberdogs ground. so after a steady drive up north we arived with plendy of time to sort the caravan out before we headed off for a evening stalk.

    sunday evening i decided to go and have a look up on the wind farm for a buck or two, with a northly wind i had to stalk up a ride that lead out at the top end of the wind farm so after walking and glassing the ride and not seeing anything i made it up onto the windfarm, after a few min of glassing i spotted a doe in a gully so wated for her to pass and carryed on stalking down the edge of the windfarm when i spotted some movement in the edge of the wood 100yds ahead so i kept quiet and waited for the deer to come out feeding onto the grass and when it did i could clearly see it was another doe. after stalking my way round the windfarm and seeing another two does i decided to go up to the vantage point so i could keep a eye on a big area when i spotted a fox walking down a hill side 200yds infront of me so down onto the bipod and sending a lump of lead into her resulted in her roleing down the hill a furver 5yds. by this time the light was fadeing so i decided to stalk my way back to were i aranged to meat amberdog at the car.

    Monday morning.

    well the alarm rang out and it was time to head out for another look and again i decided the windfarm was going to be my destination seem as id seen a few doe's up there i was sure there will be a buck somewere. after a good luck and just seeing another doe up there i made my way back down to meet amberdog. just as i got to the bottom of the ride were i was meating amberdog i notest a buck around the edge of a tree 20yds away so i set up on the sticks and let the shot off and down he went first buck of the outing was in the bag. so i got on with the gralloch and then amber dog apereded so we loaded the buck into the car and back to the caravan for some breakfast and to hang the buck.

    Mondey evening.

    again i decided to go onto the windfarm as i was adiment i would find a buck on there. just as we was driveing to were we was parking the car we spotted a buck in the edge of a ride so i crept out of the car and cyceled the bolt and sent a lump of lead into the buck neck, buck was down so amberdog parked the car up and we set off back to the buck to get it sorted out. so once id gralloched the buck we left it hanging on a branch and headed off for our evening stalk, nether me or amberdog saw any bucks but plenty of doe's so back to the caravan for tea.

    Tuesday morning.

    tuesday morning saw me and amberdog stalking together down some rides, as we was driveing to were we planed on parking the car up we spotted a yound buck so again i crept out and shot the buck at 180yds with a H&L shot. so we set off down the ride and not seeing anything but a fox that was not stopping for no boddy. so back the the caravan for one of amberdogs bacon buttys and a pot of tea.

    Tuesday eveing.

    well i decided to go and stalk on the clear fell toning so i set off and stalked to a vantage point were i could look over a large peace of clear fell when i spotted a cupple of doe's so i carryed on stalking my way to the vantage point, eventualy when i got to were i wanted to be and found a comfy tree stump i set up the stick ready for putting the rifle on if i see a buck. after 45min i saw a buck walking down a gully onto the clearfell so i got the rifle set up and wated for the buck to come up onto the clearfell and turn broudside. thats another buck in the bag

    Wednesday morning.

    as we was just going for a quick look this morning we decided to go for a look on the clear fell then we spotted a buck in the edge of the wood, so as we was glassing it and setting up with the rifle it buggered off, ummm why did it bugger off, when amberdog spotted a bigger buck 30 yards thurver down the wood. any way i got set up with my rifle and band -thud, but the buck ran into the wood after a chat with amberdog we both comfermed we saw a 6ft spray of blood on the bullet inpact. so we went over to the shot site and found a blood trale, toi began to surch the wood while amberdog stalked on over the clearfell, eventualy i found the buck and carryed out the gralloch and found that the bullet had penceled trough both lunges. a nice 6 pointer to finish our trip.

    so i ended my trip with a 3 pointer yearling, three 4 pointers and a 6 pointer.

    big thank you again amberdog

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    Sounds like a productive trip, well done!

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