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    i hope im not the first , to enjoy shooting from quad sticks ...... i notched up a set yesterday after talking to my accredited witness at the weekend .
    i found i could place 1in grouping @ 100 yds with my 6.5x55 se with 140g federals.
    i openly admit to shooting crap on normal dual sticks and relyed to heavily in a bipod .
    just wondered what other stalkers opinions are ?
    pictures to be uploaded when it stops raining !

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    I have used them and found them to be useful and provide a good stable used if you are able to get set up in advance, say when you are waiting for a deer to cross a ride etc.and there is no obvious rest....I found they were a bit cumbersome to set up in a hurry....but yes definitely a useful tool in the right circumstances....

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    I love quad sticks!
    So much so that I made my own set out of B&Q gardening sticks.
    A bit of practice and they are just a bit slower than twins.
    They are so steady I even went for an almost 200m shot at a CWD recently, something I would have shied away from on twin sticks, and got it right where I aimed. Not bad for about 15 and some careful breathing.

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    tell you what you cant grumble at that mate , out with mine for the first live outing in the morning after red hinds , but i have to say in the event of seeing a suitable beast im alot more confident with me quads than me duel sticks ...........

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    I helped Mr Mellor with his trials when he reviewed them for another site. If you have time to set them up they are excellent but when he drew them in anger it did make me laugh! so funny!

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