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Thread: Lucky on the wild boar

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    Lucky on the wild boar

    After a successful trip to my friend Ross in Northants I went to my own permission in Germany with my dad. The other syndicate members had been there already for a number of days. In those 3 days they already shot 5 wild boars. These where all males and varied between 9 and 60 kilo’s in weight. Finally we have some action at our feeding stations again. During the last winter there where a lot of nuts in the forest and this abundance of food prevented them coming over for some mais at our feeding stations. Two of the wild boar where shot over such a feeding station and three of them during stalking at night.

    I arrived on a Wednesday and the roebuck season just had started on the 1st of may. One of the syndicate members shot a nice 6 pointer on the opening day. The others hadn’t any luck yet, although the roe populations is at its best this year. We see a lot of roebucks and does. But if you are after a particular buck it is sometimes not that easy.

    My dad had 7 roe standing at his high seat that evening but did not shoot a buck as he wanted to scout the area a bit first. I saw roe, but no suitable buck unfortunately. The following morning I decided to sit on a high seat together with my dad. We saw a young buck, but it was too far to get a decent shot out. We also saw a fox running past, it obviously winded us.
    During the day we, as a syndicate, “planted” sticks out around the fields where the farmer will plant mais soon. On this sticks we attach electric wire to prevent the wild boar from coming into the fields and eat the lot. Making sure they keep out is hard work, but hopefully the effort will not be wasted. Last year we had only a 200 euro damages to maiscrops, so that worked out good. Unfortunately we had 11.500 euros (yes over eleventhousand) damages to grassfields by wild boar. In Germany the holder of the permission has to pay all damages to crops and fields. So you guys in the UK are in paradise as I know a lot of you even do not pay for their permission. But no damages, no boar…

    That evening me and me dad shot both a small spike roebuck. I went out the next morning to try for some more roebuck or a fox. The wind at the high seat I was on was bad and I decided to have a drive round. I drove through the little village up to another of our small woodlands and when coming over a small hill I could not believe my eyes. On the road stood a wild boar about 50 meters away from me. I quickly parked my car, got my rifle out and loaded my rifle. The boar was still looking at me and was undecided what to do: get back across the grassy field to the woodland it came from, or run towards cover on the other side of an arable field. Fortunate for me I could see it was a male boar of about 2 years of age. It now was facing towards me and I aimed just under the chin because I expected it to run off any second. Could not wait for a broadside shot unfortunately, and as the shot was save I decided to take it. The shot went out and the boar ran off in a curve around me and the car. I reloaded and shot another time at the now running boar. I hit it just behind the shoulder and after 10 meters it went down in the arable field.

    I could not believe my luck. Normally I sit out in the evenings or at night to get a shot at these wild boar and now I encounter them in broad daylight. I gutted the animal and weighed it in the (new made) chiller; a decent size 52 kilo’s. I looked into its stomach and it had a full belly of maize…. Obviously our feeding stations attract them now. Hopefully this will continue for the next couple of months.

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    Nice one Ruud you will be having some sleepless nights after the boar by the looks of it


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    Nice write up Ruud

    Who decides the amount of compensation the lease holder has to pay to the landowners for 'crop' damage?


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    Nice result Ruud, congrats!

    We're still waiting for the boar to expand from Sweden into Norway.

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