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Thread: Good inexpensive binoculars ?

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    Good inexpensive binoculars ?

    Need some good binos but don't wanna spend too much as I've just splashed out on my tikka and s+b scope ! any pointer much appreciated !

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    Will depend entirely on your budget - but a search of threads on here will throw up some familiar names - Minox, Steiner, Opticron.....all solid makes with fans of this tier below the premium brands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Acm View Post
    Need some good binos but don't wanna spend too much as I've just splashed out on my tikka and s+b scope ! any pointer much appreciated !
    Opticron Imagic Porro-prism 7x42 159

    and for that you get a pair of bins that are, waterproof, clear, sharp, very bright, contrasty and excellent in lo-light, I defy anyone not to be impressed... but they are only "moderately" waterproof........... Don't wash them in the sink in hot water. Search for a better price too.

    I have a pair of the above and I also have Leica's 8x42 Ultravid offering. The Leicas are better, but really not vastly better.

    ps. Opticron also do roof prism bins at serious money, but frankly I don't rate them as good as the porros at a fraction of the price.
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    Cost a Fortune
    Not a fortune
    Meopta Meopro (and my choice)
    You could also search for the last 2 or 3 threads on here about this subject


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    look for a better make second hand i bought zeiss 8x56 b/gat for 350 cant fault them

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    As has been said you, basically, have two choices - you can buy top notch glass second hand or you can look at "second tier" manufacturers either new or second hand. Then it all comes down to budget.

    I personally use Minox HGs because I can see everything I need out of them and I picked them up for 400. I stalk sika in commercial forestry so I'm fairly demanding when it comes to binos and I have looked through many of the other options but have no intention of changing the Minox. I suspect you will also find people in a similar position with Meopta, Steiner and the like.

    The advantage of buying top notch glass (Zeiss, Swaro etc.) second hand is that it is likely if you keep them for a few years you will be able to sell them for what you paid so the total cost of ownership can be low plus you have the satisfaction of knowing you are using top notch glass. These manufacturers also usually offer very high levels of customer service which would certainly be worth paying for if you were a professional user. The down side is that you do pay for marketing and "brand" and they may not always offer you any significant advantage in terms of what you can see. If you are relatively new to stalking and on a budget then I would suggest you spend your cash on stalking experiences rather than on gear and to that end I'd suggest you try to look through various binos and decide what you actually need, rather than what the magazine adverts might give you to think you want. If your choice saves you a few quid then spend that on a days stalking.
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    Take this for what it's worth, but I was at a gunshow last month and there was a dealer for russian-made "Yukon" optics. The binocs I took outdoors for a test were outstanding. Glass lenses, good depth of field. Cheap.~Muir

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    I bought a pair of bushnells of ebay a few years ago for 80 and found them very good. Unfortunately I gave them away when I stopped stalking and with now coming back into the fold I wish I hadnt. I looking at getting Hawke premiers. I havnt had a chance to look at a set but they may well be ok for the 80 price tag. Now with out a doubt the dearer pair will give you more time in the field in the morn and in the evening. This didnt bother me as I wasnt that desperate if I got a shot off or not.


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    As detailed elsewhere, I have been very pleased with my Hawke Frontier ED bins. Low light in the woods yesterday was no problem.


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    Good, inexpensive binoculars.... is that not an oxymoron in the same was as 'fun run'

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