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Thread: 6.5 x 55 - help

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    6.5 x 55 - help

    I'm looking to buy a 6.5 x 55 does anybody have any info on this calibre. I'll be using it mainly for red and fallow.


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    6.5 x 55

    this is an excellant calibre with great killing power. the 140 gr load has great secdtional density and is a proven game getter.


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    Cheers Steve,

    Got a .270 at the minute and going to change. Heard the 6.5 x 55 is far more versatile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackie
    Cheers Steve,

    Got a .270 at the minute and going to change. Heard the 6.5 x 55 is far more versatile.
    My mate changed from a 6.5X55 to a 270 as he found his 6.5 was not putting down red stags as he would of liked.

    Remember that the 270 is a 6.8mm bore and the 6.5mm is well 6.5 so they are very simlar in diameter but the 270 can be loaded to a much higher pressure to give a higher velocity.

    Best rgds


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    Hi Blackie

    If you already have a 270 why change to a 6.5. The 270 will have a flatter trajectory. Having said that either will put down a red stag @ 300 yds if you care to shoot him in the top of the heart. The 6.5 may well be a gentler cartridge to shoot and therefore lead to more accurate shooting.
    Have a look at this link


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    The 6.5 X 55 will kill anything running loose in this Country with no bother at all, as will the 270. It's just a matter of choice


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    Hi Blackie

    Do you reload ?

    If so i can recommend the .260 rem !

    Short action, 6.5 bullets, higher pressure/faster


    i love mine.

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    Hi Splash,
    I do reload and haven't thought about .260. I'll have a look into it.
    The reason I fancied a 6.5 x 55 was just a change.

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    Hi Splash

    How do you find your 260 with heavy 140gn and up bullets, I understand that there can be problems with these weight bullets in a repeater based on a 308 length action, because of the long bullets have to be seated too far into the case and this compromises power capacity in the case. Is this a problem in your rifle? It is supposed to be a good cartridge with 95 to 130gn bullets.

    Best rgds


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    have a look at a 7-08 rem. if you fancy swapping the .270. Mine is awesome as regards dropping stuff were it stands and you can get heavier bullets than the .270. and in a short action with less powder.
    Unfortunatly i am thinking of selling my 7-08 as i also shoot a .308" and a .243". the connotations of mixing up a head or loaded round scares me. 7-08 brass is only available headstamped from Remmington as is the case with the .260 i believe. Although the .260 will neck up from .2432 and the 7-08 will neck down from .308" (alowing the use of better brass) the homeloader such as me who has similar calibres should avoid it on safety grounds i feel. 6.5 x 55 is regulary used on bigger stuff than REds in Lapland and Bell shot lots of Elephant with the older version ! Before he switched to 7mm x 57 !!

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