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Thread: roe fillet in vodka

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    roe fillet in vodka

    I used to have a recipe from the shooting time, I seem to have lost it.

    Basically you put the fillet in a freezer bag with vodka, juniper berries and a few other herbs, put in freezer and leave, the vodka doesn't freeze and cures/cooks the meat.

    I did it a couple of times and it was excellent , however I can't remember all the stages by heart, does anyone know anything about this dish????

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    I made gravallach(spelling), very similar to what you describe, wasn't my cup of tea though so I would have to try and remember what I did with the recipe!

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    Here is a link to another forum where I got the recipe from with pictures of my end product.

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    Many thanks, I'll give it a go, will keep you posted on how it goes

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    Might be a silly question but how would you stand for driving after you eat this stuff? Is the alcohol absorbed into the meat of does it not go in?

    Could it potentially take you over the limit or is the volume/ unit of meat too low?

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    I think from memory I ony used a couple of cap fulls of Vodka, Would it take you over the limit?

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    I see, i had visions of a freezer bag full of vodka with a fillet dropped in it!

    Cant imagine that a couple of cap fulls across a few poeple and a few pounds of meat would take you over!


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