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Thread: ASE Utra moderators

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    ASE Utra moderators

    HiEveryone, was hoping for some advise on the ASE Utra moderators. I'mconsidering the SL5 for my 6.5x55 which is a factory threaded mauser m03. ASEUtra's website states that the .25 cal size moderator is recommended for the6.5x55 caliber and can be used for bullets up to 6.7mm (not sure why its listedas a .25 cal then as the 6.5x55 is a .264 cal).

    Theimporters Jackson rifles tell me that they recommend the ASE Utra .30 cal modfor the 6.5x55. They think the .25 cal moderator tolerances are too tight tosafely use for the 6.5x55 cal. Funnything is Jackson's tested a number of moderators for sporting rifle in 2008(you can google and download the report) where they tested a sauer in 6.5x55with a .25 cal ASE Utra compact, with a good reduction in noise.

    Anywayto cut a long story short has anyone used any of ASE Utra's .25 cal moderators ona 6.5x55? Any advise would be appreciated.

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    In the past I've spoken directly with ASE's CEO at a defence show. He uses .30 cal on his Swede. I therefore do the same on mine.


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    I've got a .30 cal ASE Ultra that does my .308 and .243. Sound moderation on the .243 is good, and to be honest I can't tell any difference with my .30 and my mates .25, when on the .243 rifle.

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    My mate is using a ase utra 25 cal mod on his blaser 6.5x55 for a few years now without any problems.
    His rifle came threaded from the factory.
    As long as the rifle is threaded properly I cant see any problems.

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    I've used the .25 moderator o a Sako 6.5x55 for over three years problems. Got confirmation of compatibillity direct from factory

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    What can work and does work is OK then go with it. All I'm saying is that if "at a Defence Show in Paris and in London" the company (and indeed Jackson Rifles) say use a .30 with the Swede ( and their own CEO and other staff choose to do so) then go with what you chose


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    I have 2 ASE moderators 1 marked .25 and 1 marked .30 the .30 model has .028 inch clearance on a .308 bullet the .25 model sits on the end of my .270 with exactly the same .028 inch clearance on a .277 bullet.
    So I would not get too upset with fitting it to a .6.5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smullery View Post

    In the past I've spoken directly with ASE's CEO at a defence show. He uses .30 cal on his Swede. I therefore do the same on mine.

    Did you ask him why he did so?

    Perhaps it was simply the fact that was what was to hand when he needed one ! Perhaps he also uses it on a .30 cal as well. To me it seems that you have art of the story but not all of it.

    I happen to own a .243 Wildcat P8-300 and I use that on a Swede 6.5x55 and a 25-06 and it works fine.

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    It was just the way that they grouped calibres. Erring on the side of caution. 6.5 x 55 was in the .30 group.


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    Hmmmm interesting. I can see .270 being grouped in with the .30 as after all we are talking 0.031" but 6.5mm is 0.044" difference and that's over 2mm which is a lot. Would have thought that 6.5mm would be grouped with the 6mm (.243) with only 0.021" difference.

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