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Thread: bullet in the head...

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    bullet in the head...

    my brother in law shot a buck this weekend that had abnormal antler growth on one side (sorry, no pics), upon cleaning the head we found that in the back of the skull was a perfectly round indentation, around 0.75cm in diameter and the same deep, it only just had penetrated the skull with the inner point of the hole, leaving an opening of about 1mm at most to the brain cavity. There was all kinds of strange 'stuff' coming out of the hole when cleaning it.

    it was suggested that it was from another bucks antlers during rut/fighting, but I think it was a .22 bullet that failed to penetrate the skull.

    any thoughts?

    ps. I'll try to get picture or two to share!

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    Be interesting to see the pics
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    got something similar a while back while cleaning a roe head i noticed an indentation beneath a pedical with a very flat .22 air rifle pellet stuck to it , no effect on the antlers though it must have stung a bit.

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    If you look at point 1 in the following url, you will see reference to Jimmy Simpson who is local to us. It's worth discussing your case with Jimmy.

    Best regards. JCS

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    thanks JCS,

    I'll do just that

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    Pic doesnt show much but that was the general position. My diary says that i stalked and shot a one eyed stag in 2009 that had a tine hole beneath a pedicle through the brow and eye and into the sinus. he was succesfully holding hinds but there was something about him not right . the eye was burst and the socket and sinus full of cheesy puss but otherwise ok . he may have mended if left but must have been in a bit of pain. Click image for larger version. 

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