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Thread: Replacement hex headed bolts for scope mounts

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    Replacement hex headed bolts for scope mounts

    Does anyone know where I can order some replacement hex headed bolts for the scope mounts on my .22?

    Am I right in assuming they are all the same thread or do I need to establish what thread size they are on my mounts?

    Thank you!

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    and apologies if this has been covered before, I couldn't find anything using the search engine

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    What mounts are they?

    Have you contacted the makers?

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    The threads are not all the same.
    Take the screws to a local fastener supplies for them to match.


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    I couldn't see a make on them but will have another look, i'll try my local fastener shop tomorrow, I go there often enough for bits for a car I'm rebuilding but had never thought to try them for these



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    Ahhh well perhaps it might be best to get some new mounts that you know the make of.

    if yours are European then they could be any number of metric "special" pitches if American then they will be Imperial something like 8-40.

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    Your probably right, I had always thought of them as well made two part mounts but if the screws round off so easily then they can't be as good as I thought. I'm selling a couple of scopes to fund a replacement scope on this rifle but maybe I'll look at replacing the mounts too

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