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Thread: What would you do? Pay per stalk or syndicate!

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    What would you do? Pay per stalk or syndicate!

    Would be interested in your thoughts.
    Started stalking last season. Got a few paid stalks along with a few beasts under my belt. I am hoping to get out around every fortnight from October through to end march. I have less work that time of year so can be quite flexible with days.
    My questions are. As a novice would you book up some paid days with professional stalkers, or join a syndicate?
    Why would you do one rather than the other.
    Thanks in advance for you reply's I look forward to reading your views.

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    I would join syndicate. Much cheaper and more satisfaction. With paid stalks as novice you will see and shoot more, but stalking on your own is much better, but your choice.

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    Depends on the syndicate. As with other things in life it is perfectly possible to get ripped off.

    With paid days you are the client, can go by reputation,and have no need to return if not happy. So you will highly likely get a good outing with a knowledgeable likeable chap.

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    I guess that in part the answer comes down to whether you feel yourself capable of dealing with any beasts you might shoot as a member of a syndicate. In other words are you up to extracting them and do you have the facilities to deal with them once you have them out?

    If the answer to that is yes then a syndicate place probably offers you the chance to get out on your own, make your own mistakes and come to terms with the responsibility of stalking alone. It also doesn't stop you from booking the occasional paid day now and again to see how others do it. You will probably have to accept that as a novice you can not expect to shoot deer every time you go out on your own, indeed depending on what sort of deer you are after you might struggle to shoot any for a year or two. If that doesn't bother you and assuming you can get a suitable syndicate place then I'd say you have nothing to lose.
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    depends were the syndicate is really ,travel from warks to say the borders will be very expensive and as you have the bug already you wont be able to stay away all that fuel could buy a few stalks with a good guide .syndicates wouldnt work for me unless i was with real good mates .tryed it with some phezy syndicates and that was bad enough fall outs about this and that just not worth the hassle imo . in the mean time keep looking for a permission of your own do what you like when you like then

    regards norma

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    Thanks. I am pretty fit and feel capable of extraction. I do have a quad which I guess I could use if required. Don't mind doing the work after the shot but don't have own chiller so would either have to take straight to game dealer on way home or do have a couple local butchers who would take them if I don't want for myself. I do like being on my own and would be happy to make my own mistakes. I would however be a little concerned when selecting a animal if there was no clear cull beast. I wouldn't want to open myself upto other members wrath. Keep the thought coming I think there may be alot to consider here for me.

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    Wood master i am sure if you booked with a good chap in or around your area you might get a good deal on say 10 stalks thats one a fortnight through the winter give or take a few. If you block book you might get a deal say 60- 65 pounds with little travelling .Easy maths 600 -650 i feel a syndicate place were you are would be a great deal more and you would be learning by the slow train. A syndicate place that would be cheap would cost more in fuel and time. Pay days and see what you learn and what you thnk later.

    Just my opinion.

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    + one with caorach, it really depends on how you feel.
    I think if you are asking this question you would be better paying for accompanied stalking and try to gain as much experience as you can. when you reach the stage were you are taking advise from your guide and are already thinking along the same lines you are ready to go unaccompanied.This will Also give you time to try for some permission of your own, as norma308 said.
    When I started I was lucky enought to know a professional stalker who was culling for the FC. I suppose you could call it a crash course in stalking/gralloching larder etc.
    But still felt a bit overwhelmed first time out on my own.
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    You could be right Sinbad. I think some more outings may give me the ability and confidence to make the right choices on animals later on. I wouldn't have been looking for a place in Scotland as it is just too far and with fuel and accommodation (don't fancy camping in January in Scottish highlands) it's too expensive. I would be looking more local say 2-3 hours max for a syndicate. If paying per stalk at 60-65 I would like something within 1-1.5 hours otherwise more time is spent on the road than stalking. Hence so far I have had morning and evening stalk 2 hours drive away. This does obviously double the cost and makes for quite a expensive day if animals shot on both stalks and the 200 mile round trip, hence the thought of a syndicate place.

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    when i started out i was lucky i met a great guide who introduced me into stalking ,he put me on to stalking with his friends now i have learnt so much through my guide on paid days and that knowledge set me up i still stalk with him and his friends who i dont pay for the stalking with but do things to help out in return. i have just joined a syndicate as i feel with the expereince gained i wanted to stalk as much as i can 600 pounds will get you into a syndicate but you may find that its hard going as i dont know how much stalking you have done. i learned so much in the first year by going with various people and would suggest getting to know people in the stalking world it does really open doors and you learn far more than you would on your own . there comes a point when you need to be out on your own to learn from your mistakes as this also brings you on. its handy if a syndicate comes up through people you meet so you can share travelling and that way everyone gets on ,hope this helps abit,wayne
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