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Thread: young fallow

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    young fallow

    how long do fallow fawns stay with there mum? iv been watching 3 tonight a doe and 2 of last years fawns, well i'm guessing the last years? there not quite as big as her and no where near as large but much darker in color, i normally see a group of around 11 altogether so thought its a bit odd just to see the 3 on there own, that's 2 nights on the trot iv seen them now in roughly the same place, do the does separate from the herd when its time to give birth and would she still keep the 2 of last years fawns with her ?

    cheers joneah243

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    there was 4 there tonight another youngster with the same 3 could this be a new herd forming do you think any one no ???

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