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Thread: Another "is this Legal"

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    Another "is this Legal"

    Having read a resent thread regarding what I presume was an innocent question entitled ď Is this Legal ď and numerous answers being supplied , all have stimulated peoples intrest and brain matter. I have another question that I donít really know the legal answer to.
    And I would really like your input, or opinion on.
    If I have an Open licence allowing myself to shoot the calibre of weapon I Own on any land I have permission to shoot over. My question is ,Lets say I Own a box standard 243, and I acquire permission to shoot over new land . But the new land has only passed by the police for lets say 223. With an open license am I allowed to shoot over that land with my 243? or am I breaking the law

    Thanks in advance

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    You can shoot any land you have permission on if you have an 'open licence'. You have to decide if it is safe for you to shoot. The land only being passes for a particular caliber is only of relevance to people on restricted licence. If their caliber is of the same or lower CALIBER they are ok to shoot if not they need to request the land be assessed for their caliber and given the ok to shoot.

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    As Woodmaster says, you can shoot anywhere you have legal permission and YOU deem safe.
    You are responsible for any shots you take, but this is also true if you are shooting an air rifle in the same land.

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    its in writing on your certificate

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    West Yorkshire tried this on me, while pointing guns at me,
    is this land cleared for a 7mm08?
    my reply, no idea, I have an open licence from north yorks, its a vally with a 300ft backstop, of course its safe.

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    I agree with Pilgrmmick, it's all on your FA certificate, if you have an "Open Ticket", that is exactly what it is, otherwise, in my view every time we go on new land we would all have to apply for the land to be approved by the local FA dept for every type of caliber, how on earth could it be (pardon the pun) policed

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    Simple answer is you have been deemed competent to decide. The difference is if you shoot on ground and a justifiable reason is there for it to be deemed unsafe wave goodbye to your fac as it goes out the door. You are in a position of trust. A 223 kills you just as dead as a 243. Your responsibility is "safe shot". Jim

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p View Post
    The difference is if you shoot on ground and a justifiable reason is there for it to be deemed unsafe wave goodbye to your fac as it goes out the door.
    Never heard of that one before - what would constitute a 'justifiable reason' for land to be so unsafe that an open FAC holder might be pulled up about it, presumably after the event, and lose their FAC? Even the HO Guidance states that, "it is accepted that land is not intrinsically “safe” or “unsafe”. Who would deem such land 'unsafe' - the unqualified FEOs who carry out inspections? If it was the case then it would open all kinds of possibilities for uninformed subjective opinions to be made about any land, and where would that leave us!

    An unsafe shot can be made over any land - but that's a different matter.
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    My tuppence worth of opinion...

    Up here, in the haloed land...

    We don't have "land clearance" as such. I can't even begin to fathom the thinking that might allow a 6mm centre-fire but, by logical extension, not have allowed use of a 7mm centre-fire. Like one is going to be materially more or less "dangerous" ??? Nuts!

    My ticket says I may shoot my allowed quarry on land that I have permission to shoot over, from the owner of the rights to do so, or his agent or summink, and he must have permitted me to it with the class of firearms I going to do it with. Pretty straight forward.

    So, up here, it comes down to the land owner to decide, apparently.

    Now, if I travel South I do not expect the conditions of my FAC to suddenly become invalid. Or would they?????

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    I luv the way you put your little spin on things

    I would imagine the land owner does not decide wot size calibre the ground should be cleared for
    But more like up to wot calibre he would permit you to use
    Big difference

    But I like the fact my licence states I am only allowed to shoot Roe with my .222 only in Scotland
    But all other of my deer legal calibres allow me to shoot deer no restrictions on species or country

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