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Thread: Swap stalking for holiday.

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    Swap stalking for holiday.

    Hope I am not breaking the rules? I checked and hope I'm correct in thinking as I offering to swap then should be ok. If not please let me know and I will do what's required. As things are a little slow with our narrowboat bookings and people saving their cash. I thought I'd offer the decent folks on here the chance to keep their better halves happy and take them on a holiday. This could be in PX for some stalking. I get some stalking without having to find money that isn't coming in, and you guys get a cheaper holiday. Which should keep your partners happy allowing you to go stalking with me later in the year. (This I thought was a cunning plan). My boats are really some of the best on the inland waterways, located in the midlands at the heart of the system. We are surrounded by lovely countryside and small towns and villages. So if interested have a look at my web site Lime Farm Marina and get in touch.
    Look forward to getting some of you hooked on narrowboating.

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    good luck that should get you going,atb wayne
    Discretion assured - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857
    please visit our web site: uksha1
    or find us on facebook
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    Has anyone been in touch about a swap? if not and you are still looking i would be interested.


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    We hired Johns day boat a couple of years ago for my daughters 21st for something a bit different. We took ten of her mates on a trip down the canal to the pub for lunch and then back to the marina. I didn't get the boat back untill after dark but that wasn't a problem (it was in November). A great day to remember. Very friendly bloke with a great setup.

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    Thanks jimo. I remember you and your crew. Didn't remember what month or you getting back in the dark but glad you enjoyed yourselves. Hope to see you aboard agian in the future. Perhaps for a more sedate day. All them girls and then you, you must have been talked to death.

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    Hi steve. had a bloke interested. Yet to sort out the details etc but sure something will come of it eventually. He's up in scotland so a bit of a drive for 1 day stalk. I've got a couple boats and plenty dates left so get in touch and I will see if ww can get something which suits us both. Have a look at the web you should find all the info you need on the boats etc then just drop me a line. Cheers.

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    Bookings still slow. Any one interested in a break just get in touch. Hoping to get one of you guys out so you can convince the rest. This really is the best way to see some of the country. Nice pubs, plenty of countryside, take it easy or moor up and take the dog a walk. I can't belive you blokes could resits the thought of traveling the canals looking across all the fields in search of potential deer/stalking while getting closer to the next pub.
    If you don't have stalking to swap but fancy the idea that's fine.
    Look forward to some bookings.

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    Surely the best way to see some countryside is on foot with a rifle in one hand and a pair of sticks in the other

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    I like your thought there jonty. Not to sure how far you may get before the wife got sick of carrying the sticks though. How are things down there in hereford? Any joy on the munties yet?

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    Bump. The sun is out now. Surely some of you guys could do with a break from stalking? Have dates in august, september, october. If you're interested have a look at Lime Farm Marina

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