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Thread: Another great weekend at Malc's!

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    Wink Another great weekend at Malc's!

    OK, I said before that I hate doing write ups so I'm gonna keep this one short, well, shorter than my last write-up anyway.

    I had been raving on for a while to some buddies of mine about how good Malc's place down in Sussex is.
    So much that one of my buddies, a Dane who goes by the name of Jan aka FishHunt on the site, said "well when are we gonna there?"

    I booked last weekend with Malc, took his recommendation on a B&B and got ready.
    Remember last week? Well as it went on I got more disheartened, the rain got heavier and it got colder and windier by the day.
    On Friday 4th I picked Jan up at a train station and drove down to Malc's
    There we met Wills, another SD member, and despite the weather he had bagged a nice little buck, so not all hope gone?

    Early start on Saturday, I went out with Ken (Oberon) and let Jan head out along with Malc and Todd.
    Ken and I bumped a buck near a pheasant pen, saw another very good buck and a couple of does, but nothing shootable as Malc had stated that he wanted the big fellas left alone which suited me fine, I wanted meat.
    Back to the larder, which Malc has put a load of work into improving - with Ken's help - and it really is looking the biz now with electric winches etc , to find that Jan had grassed a buck.
    Result! I was dreading him going to Malc's on my recommendation and it being a wash-out (had to, sorry), so seeing him with a buck was excellent.
    I was happy but it was obvious Ken wasn't, he's just as keen to get clients into the action and I got this idea that he was daft to think he had let me down.
    Nothing could be further from the truth, it was the first time I had stalked with Ken, and hopefully it won't be the last - he's a sound bloke, the right sort.

    Evening stalk seemed destined for failure it was colder and wetter, Ken and me walked what seemed like endless miles just getting wetter and older but not a deer in sight, not even a doe
    First we saw a doe, have to admit I thought it was a buck at first, optimism or what?
    The doe walked off but didn't run, quick word with Ken and we decided to hang around to see if a buck was in attendance.
    I have long since developed a "look over the shoulder" habit and this time - not the first - it worked.
    Far side of the field I saw two deer at first, Ken and me glassed the group and 2 became 3, and one of them was a buck.
    "Is it the murder buck Malc said he saw earlier?" said Ken
    Couldn't tell, but had time, and was far enough to get away with it so I lasered it, 245m - way too long for a shot off sticks, but the distance helped as it was obvious none of them had clocked us.
    We watched the group for a while then the buck and what appeared to be the older of the 2 does ducked into the hedgeline.
    We took the opportunity to close in and got to less than 100m away.
    I got the rifle up on my sticks and continued to watch the young doe who was feeding away oblivious.
    Then the buck made his last mistake, he moved, all I saw was something flicker in front of a pheasant feeder.
    Quick glance in the scope and it was the buck, he had walked right out in front of me.
    Quick aim and shot, he dropped on the spot.
    My first murder buck! An old warrior by the look of him, I hope this does justice.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Jan prepared the trophy for me, and very good it looks too! I don't often take heads, but my first murder buck and such an unusual head, well I had to.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    We both blanked on a very wet and cold Sunday morning, and I must confess I quit early, stalking has to be fun for me - me and Ken where soaked through and it was time to call it a day
    That of course earned all sorts of banter from Ken & Malc, but hey-ho that's how it goes.

    Well, I have gone on long enough
    Thanks to Malc for the permission to stalk on his place, again, thanks especially for getting a good buddy (Jan) onto a buck
    Thanks especially to Ken for all the jokes, the excellent company and his patience with me - and helping me get on to the buck of course.
    Thanks to Jan for the trophy preparation, nice job mate!
    Hi to Wills, I just seem to keep bumping into like-minded folk down at Malc's, it's another good aspect of the place

    It was yet another great time at Malc's, yet again a pleasure to spend time with you Malc and still only one blank at your place and I must have been there at least 4 times a year for what? 5-6 years now?
    That's an indication of how good Malc's place is and how much effort that Malc and his helpers put into getting clients sorted out.
    No Sandra or Kizzie this time, but maybe next time.

    If you want to try out an excellent spot for deer, in the company of an excellent experienced crew like Malc and Ken, not to forget see Todd the wonder-dog in action - then I suggest you PM our Malc and see if you can book yourself some time there, if I have left any space in his diary that is.

    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Great write up and got a mention too! Yans trophy prep looks pretty tidy too.

    Brooklands Holiday Apartments in North Yorkshire

    Find us on Facebook:

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    Great write up buddy and well done to everyone involved!



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    Hi Wills
    Yep, good to bump into you at Malc's - I'll be back there in late June and mid-August so maybe we'll meet up again. Either way best of luck mate, with a drive like yours I'm sure you'll do well.
    Jan did a fine job, I don't usually collect heads but just had to with that one.

    Thanks glogin!

    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Well if thats short god help us lol Nice write up mate and a very nice unusual buck love the tight perling on it. Malc is sure comming up with the goods down in englandshire well done to you all.

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    Thanks Trevor and Jans,

    Despite the weather, which at times was dire, we took 3 bucks, and good cull ones as well on the weekend.
    Now as I sit here in the local pub using their wi fiy the sun is shining, although not too warm. Totally different from last weekend.

    This morning I had another SD member, and........... another cull buck in the bag, his first Roe and third deer ever shot. Saw 6 bucks again this morning, including another murder buck, that escaped last weeks sorties. Little sod.......ran right into him as he rounded the wood towards us.

    Another full week next week, although most of the Bucks are tight into cover and not in the open, which makes stalking them more challenging.

    Look forward to seeing you again soon Trev.



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    Nice write up geoshot looks like you had a great time I'm booked to go out with Malcolm in the morning , with my gear ready I'm off to bed early start weather looks great for the morning sunny and a 5 mph breeze can't wait
    Hopefully I will have a pic and a story for you Tom cheers Chris.

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    Best of luck Chris, let us know how you get on.
    Believe me 6pointer, that was short compared to my last write-up which even Malc called "War & Peace"
    I felt I owed it to Malc by way of thanks for another great weekend and for looking after me, and my buddy Jan, so well.

    Yep, see you in June Malc
    I thought I could see light at the end of the tunnel, but it was only some fecker with a torch bringing me more work

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    Best form of advertising mate word of mouth and one other members will trust.

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